Who Is Is Kelly Tshibaka Husband? Details About The Family Of The Alaska Senate Candidate

Kelly Tshibaka at the GOP convention at Fairbanks
Kelly Tshibaka at the GOP convention at Fairbanks( Source : instagram )

Kelly Tshibaka is married to her husband, Niki Tshibaka, a former pastor with whom she has a beautiful family of seven.

The former commissioner of Alaska is standing up for the Senate and has gained a lot of attention with the recent rush of support Trump showed her at the rally in Alaska, bashing her opponent.

Let us learn more about the Senate candidate’s husband, her loving family, her ethnicity, and her plans for the state with her candidacy.

Is Kelly Tshibaka Married? Husband Niki Tshibaka

Yes, Kelly Tshibaka is married to her husband, Niki Tshibaka, a Human Resources officer at the Municipality of Anchorage in Alaska.

The couple tied the knot in the early 2000s at a church in Alaska and have been married for over ten years. They were recently seen on the politician’s social media celebrating Valentine’s day with each other while promoting her campaign.

Unlike the Senate Candidate, Niki Tshibaka is not very active on social media but appears on her social media supporting her on her campaign promotions.

Kelly’s husband is a Harvard Law School graduate, like the conservative politician herself, and has worked as an attorney in the past before working as a government worker.

Before getting married to his wife, Niki worked as an associate for Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, D.C. He married the republican party politician while working as the Senior Trial Attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mr. Tshibaka also worked as a Pastor for over ten years in the Mid-Atlantic region and Alexandria but later became appointed as the assistant commissioner for the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in 2019.

In2021, he became the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Municipality of Anchorage, a small city in Alaska in charge of more than 3000 employees.

Alaska’s Senate Candidate’s Family

Kelly Tshibaka’s family consists of 7 people, including herself, her husband, and her five kids two daughters and three sons.

Kelly Tshibaka with her family on Father's day
Kelly Tshibaka with her family on Father's day ( Source : twitter )

The senate candidate is seen posing for her upcoming senate campaign with her family on every occasion, be it Christmas or Father’s day. The family comes together to help the politician with her political career.

Her husband was a former pastor, and with her strong Christianity beliefs, her kids were also raised in a Christian household. The Tshibaka couple even founded a church in 2006.

It seems the family is very supportive of her decision to stand for Senate in Alaska since they are always ready to help her promote her campaigns. The happy family mom and wife image has also helped her win many people over in Alaska.

What Ethnicity Does The Politician Belong To?

Kelly Tshibake belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity with American citizenship and was born and raised in Alaska.

Born and raised in a religious Christian household, she is a very religious and conservative Christian who has vowed to spread her conservative Alaskan ways to the whole of the U.S.

Trump glorified the conservative party member after he attended her rally in Alaska for her Senate run, which helped her gain a lot of media attention and Trump supporters.

Tshibaka is a former commissioner who worked at the Department of Justice and has a degree from Harvard Law School. She announced her senate candidacy in 2021, going against Lisa Murkowski.

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