Is John Tambakakis Related To Mick Gatto? Everything To Know

Is John Tambakakis Related To Mick Gatto? Everything To Know

John Tambakakis has resurfaced in the news as Sarah Awad, the daughter of Mick Gatto, has filed a scandalous legal action against him.

John Tambakakis is an Australian drug trafficker who has close ties with Mick Gatto and his family.

Similarly, Mick is the alleged drug mafia of Australia, known as “The Melbourne Drug Lord.” 

On the other hand, John became famous when the Australian Police Force arrested him for cocaine trafficking. 

Furthermore, John Tambakakis was proven to have been involved in drug cases and also got arrested.

Likewise, he also has close relations with Mick, who is infamous for crimes based on drug dealings. 

Moreover, they share more than ten years of association. Further, John is also close with Danny Awad, the only son-in-law of Mick.

Later, he was involved with Danny in a cocaine case that got him into the police trap.

John Tambakakis Age

John Tambakakis is currently 38 years old. 

Since he was sent to prison in 2018, he was 35-years-old, as per the available information. 

However, he came into the limelight only after his arrest in 2018. After the case, his news was also cover by Daily Mail UK.

Where is John Tambakakis now?

John Tambakakis is still behind bars as he is still facing his 15 years of jail punishment with Danny Awad.

Similarly, John had tried to get his punishment reduced by explaining his illness in his testicles to the vein.

However, he has not made any official information about his wife and personal information as of now.

John Tambakakis and Mick Gatto

John Tambakakis and Mick Gatto’s son-in-law Danny Awad are the partners in crime.

Further, they have to spend at least a decade in prison for 22 kilograms of cocaine shipping, hiding inside the Xeros printer. 

Both John and Danny had minor criminal histories but had never been in custody until they were locked up when found guilty.

John Tambakakis: Connection With Sarah Gatto

John Tambakakis and Sarah Gatto are acquaintances as her husband David and her father, Mick Gatto. 

Furthermore, David and John were business partners, caught together and found guilty after their trial in May 2017.

The total cocaine in the five printers had a value of around 12 million dollars.