Is Jimmy Nicholson Adopted? Everything About His Parents & Origin

Is Jimmy Nicholson Adopted? Everything About His Parents & Origin

The Bachelor Australia Star Jimmy Nicholson is indeed not adopted. Learn more as you clear your doubts from the article below.

Jimmy Nicholson is a brand new reality TV star known as the bachelor of the Australian show ‘The Bachelor.’

The Bachelor is an Australian TV show created by Mike Fleiss, where a bachelor man goes on a date with multiple bachelorettes. Similarly, It ends when they find their one true love.

The show is currently running for the 25th season.

Is Jimmy Nicholson Adopted? Who Are His Parents?

No, Jimmy Nicholson is not adopted, and is the original son of his parents.

Although the confusion is actual since both of his parents are white, and Nicholson has brown skin.

However, Nicholson did not use the exact word adopt, so we can deduce from his interviews that he is not adopted.

Further, Nicholson spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald that his grandfather was a Fijian.

Moreover, Jimmy was also born in New Zealand but moved to Australia when he was young.

Hence, Nicholson defines his family as an Aussie family.

Similarly, Nicholson has a family of bold personnel since his father, grandfather, and uncle are all pilots.

Currently, Jimmy’s father is a retire from flying commercially, and his mother is an academic. She is a clinical and corporate psychologist.

Further, Jimmy’s sister is also a lawyer and a psychologist.

Jimmy Nicholson Age And Origin

Jimmy Nicholson’s age is 31 years old.

Initially, he is from New Zealand but after shifting to Australia, he has an Australian nationality.

Furthermore, Jimmy Nicholson has a Fijian origin, as his grandfather was a Fijian.

Jimmy Nicholson In The Bachelor

Jimmy Nicholson comes from a diverse group, so people are wondering if The Bachelor’s producer chose him for such reason.

Hilary Innes, one of the show producers, confirmed that he was not chosen solely due to his ethnic group. Further, he only talked about his origin in the third interview, as it didn’t matter.

Innes said that Nicholson was a charming young guy, a perfect fit for the show.

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