Is Jasmine Opperman A Man? Everything To Know About The African Analyst

Is Jasmine Opperman  A Man? Everything To Know About The African Analyst

Jasmine Opperman is a professional analyst who is undoubtedly a woman and not a man. Let us go through the article below to know her more.  

Jasmine Opperman is an immigrant rights activist and a journalist living in the United States.

Similarly, she has 14 years of intelligence experience, is currently working as a Provincial Manager and an African Analyst.

Further, Jasmine is a terrorism and extremism expert with decades of experience.

She is the Africa Analyst for the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project.

Jasmine Opperman Wikipedia & Biography 

Jasmine Opperman is not available on Wikipedia, despite her fame and recognition in the field of journalism.

However, information about Jasmine is available on various other domains on the web.

Similarly, as per her biography, she is a South African citizen with a mixed ethnic heritage.

Furthermore, she earned a master’s degree in history from the University of Johannesburg in 1988.

Opperman has spent more than a decade studying corporate risk, opportunity, and political information on the African continent.

Currently, she is concentrating her efforts on investigating Libyan militia operations and terrorist activity in Syria.

Jasmine has a LinkedIn profile where she has shared information regarding her job experiences.

Opperman is a frequent Twitter user, with over 203k followers as of now.

So far, she has solely written professional tweets on her Twitter account.

Is Jasmine Opperman A Man?

Jasmine Opperman is not a man and is undoubtedly a straight woman by gender, as per the information available.

Further, there is no indication that she is transgender. Hence we can be assured of her being a straight woman.

However, she is thoroughly professional and unfazed when sharing her opinions on transgender rights.

Furthermore, she regularly speaks out against gender-related concerns.

Similalrly, she has already posted a lot of articles about women’s empowerment in a war-torn country.

Moreover, Jasmine is a businesswoman’s daughter, while her mother is a homemaker.

Further, She is a married lady, as per reports. But, she has not shared any details regarding her spouse and family as of now.