Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Suspended? Footballer Rumored To Be Arrested On Pedo Allegations

Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Suspended? Footballer Rumored To Be Arrested On Pedo Allegations

Is Gylfi Sigurdsson arrested? The alleged football player is suspended from playing after following various rumors. Get to know the whole story below.

Gylfi Sigurdsson is a famous football player for the club Everton and the Iceland national team.

Gylfi is one of the best players in England, voted Best Player of the Season for two consecutive years.

Currently, Sigurdsson appears on the news highlight as he was arrested for a sex offense of pedophilia.

However, no concrete proof is available to convict him for the offense, and he is currently under investigation.

Gylfi Sigurdsson Wife Alexandra Ívarsdóttir 

Gylfi Sigurdsson is happily married to his wife, Alexandra Ívarsdóttir. 

Similarly, Sigurdsson married Ívarsdóttir on 15th June 2019 and is also expecting his first kid from his wife, as per the details available.

Moreover, his wife Ívarsdóttir denied the case regarding her husband’s arrest. 

Further, she said that Gylfi wasn’t arrested for sex offenses, although the conclusion is yet to be made.

Gylfi Sigurdsson Pedophile Rumours

Gylfi Sigurdsson was recently arrested on 16th July by the Great Manchester Police for sexually offending a child.

Similarly, Sigurdsson did not release any press statements for the case.

Further, The police said there were high suspicions against Gylfi, and the case is still open and needs further inquiries.

The police confirmed that they are actively investigating the case.

Meanwhile, Everton released a statement that a player from the first team was suspended following a police investigation.

They also stated that they will open to the authorities and won’t make any further statements. The club didn’t mention Sigurdsson by his name.

Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Arrested?

Republic World said that Gylfi Sigurdsson was arrested but was released on bail shortly after.

Due to the lack of proper evidence, the police could not hold him for long. The case will likely go to trial. Until then, Sigurdsson cannot be convicted of any charges. 

However, the public life of Sigurdsson will be damaged due to the active case.

The people are still confused if Sigurdsson is innocent or guilty. There is not enough information for the public as well to make comments on him.