Is Brian McCourt Married? Everything On His Wife And Wedding Details

Is Brian McCourt Married? Everything On His Wife And Wedding Details

Brian McCourt is married to a wife named Kristina, a regular woman who genuinely cares about him. 

Brian McCourt is a well-known Canadian contractor, designer, real estate investor, and TV personality.

He is best known for hosting HGTV Canada’s Backyard Builds, a show that focuses on building exclusive outdoor spaces.

Season 4 of Backyard Builds has been premiered on April 15th.

And, the show is already a success, with the show director being nominated by Canadian Screen Award for best direction. The show has an 8.8 rating, indicating that the viewer enjoys it a lot.

Name Brian McCourt
Age 36
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Children Cal and Ben
Instagram @brianmccourtdesigns

Brian McCourt Wife Name And Wedding Details

Brian McCourt appears to be married to a wife named Kristina, who goes by the name @kristinakk on Instagram.

He might be co-parenting with Kristina or not, and we suspect he is gay based on some observations.

However, there are many reports that he is gay, and Kristina hasn’t been seen with Brian very much. It’s just a guess based on his behavior that he hasn’t married someone and adopted the two sons.

Brian has two sons, Cal and Ben, and they are doing well. Brian has been a great father to both sons as he enjoys hanging out with them and makes them feel at ease.

We are totally unaware of the truth about his wedding specifics because he has not said anything relevant to the wedding topic.

Brian McCourt Age: How Old Is He?

Brian McCourt’s age is 36 years old.

He once posted in his Instagram account him turning 36 years old.

However, we are unsure about his exact birthdate which still remains uncertain for now.

Is Brian McCourt On Instagram?

Under the handle @brianmccourtdesigns, Brian McCourt can be found on Instagram.

He has 22.2k confirmed followers on Instagram, where he mainly shares about his upcoming new shows, as well as some behind-the-scenes images from his shoots and travel photos.

According to his Instagram, he truly cares for his two sons and is extremely proud to be the father of two children, as shown by his numerous posts about them.