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Is Benicio Bryant Transgender? Benicio Bryant Age, Parents ( AGT)
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It is difficult to sing on the stage for the first time and even more when you sing an original like Benicio Bryant. However, the star amazed the judges in America Got Talent (AGT).

AGT has gone to 14th season in 2019 and every year there are some emerging talents whom viewers love to watch perform. Looks like, they got some this year as well.

Benicio is an American Singer and Songwriter who basically does cover on YouTube. Recently, he decided to show his talent to the world auditioning for AGT. Apparently, he made into the finals.

Here’s all you need to about the future star, his gender, family, age, wiki and more.

Is he Transgender?

5 feet 2 inches star is straight as of information available today. Likewise, he has stated his gender to be male on Facebook page.

Moreover, he is not transgender.

Benicio Bryant Bio, Parents

Benicio Bryant was born in 2005, in Maple Valley, Washington. Much information about his family is not available but he is the son of Jerome Byrant.

His mother did appear in the audition of AGT but her name is not publicly available. Likewise, he also has a sister whose name is also not available for now.
Is Benicio Bryant Transgender? Benicio Bryant Age, Parents ( AGT)He is from Seattle and started singing when he was 2 years old. That’s just an innocent age to even remember and narrate the lyrics. Well, he was all into music since his early childhood days.

Moreover, his family supported his approach to music and songwriting. He credits his father to inspire him for the music career.

Benicio Bryant Career

Benicio started his music career since 2013 as a YouTuber. Initially, he sang the covers of famous songs. The list included ‘Pretty Young Thing’, Micheal Jackson, ‘Halo’, Beyonce. Afterward, he even performed the national anthem in Safeco Feild, Seattle.

However, he released his debut single on iTunes on November 18, 2018, titled ‘My Love’. Likewise, he also got attention from his YouTube channel and was called up for Voice Kids Germany.

The star proved his worth after finishing the second n the show. He also performed with Grammy winner Brandi Carlile. She loved the talent in him and even praised him to be the future superstar.

Is Benicio Bryant Transgender? Benicio Bryant Age, Parents ( AGT)Later, he made debut in television performing ‘The Joke’ on Late Night with Seth Meyers alongside Carlile in 2018. The audience could do nothing but give him a standing ovation.

Recently, in June 2019, he went to audition for America Got Talent. Without a surprise, he sang the same song ‘The Joke’ and got praise from the judges.

The long-time judge Simon even labeled him to be like then famous One Direction member Harry Styles. He earned himself to the next round.

Later in August 2019, he walked for the next round and sang an original, ‘Here goes nothing’. Apparently, his voice and lyrics were eye-catching that he made into the finals. He was one of the 7 contestants to walk through the door to finals.

It’s a tough journey to win alongside 7 talent performers but looks like he could make it.

What is Benicio Bryant age?

As of 2019, he is just 14 years old and has more than 4 decades to continue his sparkling career. Many expect him to be one the best Pop, R&B, and soul musician near future.