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Is Andrew Camarata Married? Find Wife Name and Net Worth 2019
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Andrew Camarata is an American Youtuber. If you like scrolling videos in youtube you might have watched him? And you might know him better. Besides, people who want to know more about him are welcomed.

 Andrew Camarata Wiki

Andrew Camarata is a daily vlogger on youtube. He mostly posts videos of the household as well as his work. His videos are mostly technical and maintenance based. He is a highly skilled and talented person. He doesn’t have a proper Wikipedia page. But, his information is available on social media.

Andrew Camarata was born on 12th November of 1985. He was born in Saugerties, New York, America. He is actually a business owner and a rising star in youtube industry. His business is based on property maintenance. Simply, he works to keep our home and surrounding environment clean.

About his youtube, he had 321,825 subscribers till 3rd September of 2019. He has altogether 93.1 million views in only 365 videos. Andrew started youtube in august of 2014. He had never imagined becoming such a famous personality in such a short time.

About his company, his family owns Camarata Property Maintenance Company. The company is available in 5 locations in New York. Moreover, they provide a variety of services like general excavation, driveway installation and reparation, and others.

About his education, Andrew is a student of computer science. He used to fix a wide range of machinery and engines in a small age. He had an interest in Excavation and machineries as his father “Andrew B Camarata” had.

So he is a great engineer today. And he is also getting a lot of support through youtube. As a matter of fact, his company is also growing day-by-day due to his skills and intelligence.

Is Andrew Camarata Married? (unmarried)

Andrew Camarata’s current status is single. He is still not committed to marrying yet. But, everyone needs a life partner. We always expect support from family and friends. And at some point in life, we need a life partner for mutual understanding and economic as well as mental support.

Maybe, Andrew is still waiting for someone who is perfect for him. Being a YouTuber, he will surely tell about his marriage. Moreover, he will surely present us his wedding video on his youtube channel. Since Andrew is so handsome and well-to-do. It is difficult to digest the fact that he has no girlfriend.

Andrew Camarata Net Worth 2019 ($1.3 Million)

Andrew Camarata’s net worth is $1.3 Million according to youtube. But his company’s net worth is still not found. Andrew earns a huge amount of his salary from his family’s Company.

Additionally, Andrew’s receives a daily revenue from youtube of about $500. According to Statsmash, he earned $6418 in last 7 days. And he earned $20484 in last month. His economic status is quite good. Moreover, he earns a good sum of money after completion of every project assigned to his company.

Additionally, he features a dog “Levi” in his youtube channel most often. He recently celebrated his 12th birthday.

Andrew Camarata’s Wife’s Name

Andrew Camarata’s wife’s name is not available. Since he is not married yet.