Is ABC Director Gaven Morris Leaving ABC, Where Is He Going Now, His Wife Name And Salary Exposed

Is ABC Director Gaven Morris Leaving ABC, Where Is He Going Now, His Wife Name And Salary Exposed

Is the journey of six great years in ABC coming to an end for Gaven Morris? Is ABC Director Gaven Morris Leaving ABC? Read the article for the information.

Gaven Morris lead a team of 1,250 people around the country to produce a wide range of news and current affairs material for ABC radio, television, and digital platforms are one of the most demanding and most scrutinized roles in Australian media.

Gaven Morris, the director of ABC News’ Analysis and Investigations, undertook this role filled with hardships with the vision to broaden ABC’s audience reach, produce more relevant news, reorient staff, and deliver high-quality content overall.

However, he is now stepping down from the 3rd of December after six years on the job.

Simultaneously, he has dealt with the constraints and problems of COVID, the AFP raid on two journalists, the dramatic exits of ABC’s former chairman Justin Milne and managing director Michelle Guthrie, and criticism of some journalism.

Gaven Morris: Where Is He Going Now?

Gaven hasn’t stated clearly as to where he is going now that he is leaving ABC.

However, he has indicated that he loves projects and is constantly seeking projects to help him grow and support things he truly loves.

Nevertheless, his first and foremost priority is his family, which is the most unique and fulfilling life experience.

Gaven Morris Wife

It has been known that Gaven has been married to Kirsten Aiken.

Aiken is from Brisbane, and she is a presenter in News24.

There is no information as to how the two of them met.

But as they are both working in the same profession, we can say that the pair met at work or on the field while covering a news report.

Gaven Morris Salary

The 2018-2019 Annual Report of Australian Broadcasting Corporation indicated that Gaven’s annual remuneration was $600,146.

Gaven’s exact net worth is not known, but it’s safe to say that Gaven earned a hefty sum of money while working as the Director for ABC.

Starting as a copyboy for the Sydney Morning Herald, Gaven’s skills in journalism have helped him succeed and thus have a great career.

His wife is also a brilliant journalist and presenter.

Thus we can say that Gaven and his wife earn a good amount of money and have amassed a considerable net worth.

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