Ian Casselberry – 10 Facts You Should Know About On My Block Actor

Ian Casselberry – 10 Facts You Should Know About  On My Block Actor

Ian Casselberry hit into the spotlight due to his amazing character portrayal in every movie he has been part of. No wonder, he is regarded as one of the good actors of our time.

Likewise, he is most famous for his role in a teen comedy series, On My Block. Besides, he is also known for playing the character of Gabe in The Walking Dead.

He has an IMDb bio

Ian Casselberry has had a great acting career. There are no two ways about it. Likewise, he has an IMDb bio that further proves it.

His popular movies include ContrabandInsurgent, and Get Out which have all been critically-acclaimed. Furthermore, he rose to fame for his role in The Walking Dead. And, he has been constantly getting such good roles. And, that speaks volumes about him as an actor.

Ian Casselberry’s age is around 36 years old

Since his date of birth is not available, his age is somewhat of a mystery to the public.

But, according to Celebpie, Ian Casselberry is around 36 years old. However, he is quite fit and does look younger for his age. And, most of you might agree with me on this.

Find out his estimated net worth as of 2020

Considering his smooth career graph, one might say that he has amassed a hefty sum by now. And, we all are quite aware of just how much an actor earns in Hollywood.

So, moving on to his net worth, Ian Casselberry has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand dollars as of 2020.

Is Ian Casselberry married? Who is his wife?

He has never been explicitly public about his personal life to the world yet. So, there is hardly any info about his marital status.

However, as per his social media posts in the past, he seems to be in a committed relationship with Christine Moon. And, she might be a model, as she has a lot of gorgeous, modelesque photos on her Instagram.

He is active on Instagram

Anyone who follows him on Instagram might know it already that he is quite active over there. To this date, he has accumulated 11 thousand followers on his account. In the same way, he often shares photos of him, his co-stars and his beautiful girlfriend.

Ian Casselberry stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches

Ian Casselberry is a great looking guy. And, his height compliments his look all the more. No wonder, so many women are crazy about him.

Talking about how tall he is, Ian is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Moreover, in meters, he is about 1.78 meters tall.

He is of American nationality

Moving on to his nationality, Casselberry is American as he was born and brought up in the United States. Similarly, he belongs to Hispanic ethnicity. So, that explains he is of mixed descent.

He is quite popular for his work in On My Block

He portrays the role of the father of Oscar and Cesar in the teen-comedy series, On My Block. And, he appeared in the third season of the series.

He has acted alongside Matthew McConaughey

Ian Casselberry got the chance to act alongside the Academy Award winner, Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. That must have been a great experience for him.

He has a Twitter account

It looks like, he enjoys a good time on social media sites. While he is active on Instagram, he also has a Twitter account with about 237 followers as of now.