Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox Sports Today? Illness Prior A Surgery

Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox Sports Today? Illness Prior A Surgery

Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox Sports Today? Over the internet, people are asking questions about the sports analyst absent from Fox NFL Sunday. let’s explore his current health updates.

Howie Long is a retired American football player who used to play as the defensive end in NFL.

The 61-year-old was born on January 6, 1960, in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

The Raiders drafted Howie in the second round of the 1981 NFL Draft, where he played.

As a Raisers, he earned eight Pro Bowl and three-time All-Pro selections and a Super Bowl trophy in Super Bowl XVIII.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer, after retiring, started a career in acting and broadcasting. And, currently, he works as an analyst in Fox Sport’s NFL coverage.

The 61-year-old is married to his lawyer wife, Diane Addonizio, with whom he had three sons, Chris Long, Howard Long, and Kyle Long.

His eldest son, Chris Long, is a retired NFL defensive end, and his other son, Kyle, currently plays for Kansas City Chiefs.

Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox Sports Today? Illness Or Sick

It is still unclear why Howie Lng is not on Fox Sports as of now.

The reason behind the absence is still not revealed by Fox Sports to date.

So, it is unwise to assume that he is sick and suffering from illness, causing him to take a few days.

Howie and Michael Strahan were not available in the studio for Week 11.

However, Michael was available on November 25 but not Long.

His absence was well felt throughout social media, especially over Twitter. Many fans and viewers were asking the same questions.

Many claim there is significant concern on Fox Sports to adhere to Covid 19 guidelines.

However, there is a higher possibility that Long will be back on Week 12 show.

NFL Howie Long Surgery 2021 Update

Until now, there aren’t any news of Howie Long having surgery in 2021.

The news would have made headlines if he was having surgery, especially, his NFL Sunday Coverage team would have announced it already.

The only surgery that Howie had, which we know of, was during his time in the NFL as a player.

In 1986, following an injury, he went through surgery to pull blood from his muscle injury.

Therefore, we can confirm; currently, there is no news of him going through surgery.