How Old Is Virgil Texas? Everything On Former Chapo Trap House Podcast Host

How Old Is Virgil Texas? Everything On Former Chapo Trap House Podcast Host

How Old Is Virgil Texas? Virgil Texas is a former Chapo Trap House, Podcast Host. In the given below, we will be uncovering some fascinating details of his personal and professional life.

Virgil Texas is popularly known as a television personality and also a bestselling author.

He has also published a book named The Chapo Guide to Revolution.

He has also hosted the podcast Chapo Trap House; the podcast was launched in 2016.

Currently, He is now hosting another podcast, Briahna Joy Gray and Bad Faith and.

Furthermore, At Gawker Media, he is also a freelance social media brand agent.

Moreover, he was an ONN Contributor and social media manager at the Dinty Moore.

Virgil Texas Age: How Old Is Virgil Texas?

Virgil Texas’s age is still under investigation.

Virgil has never revealed his actual date of birth.

Well, there’s a research team investigating her date of birth.

However, by judging his pictures, he seems to be older than 25 years of age

Also, Virgil Texas’s height is yet to get disclosed.

Virgil Texas Real Name Revealed

As per our details, Virgil Texas’s real name is Justin Cass.

He was born and raised in New York City, United States; thus, he is American by nationality.

Further, we can see him on Twitter, where he has said he is a Public intellectual and a Bestselling author.

Grooming Allegations: What Happened To Virgil Texas?

As per our report, Jennifer Seberg has accused Virgil Texas of engaging in an inappropriate relationship.

Furthermore, they started communication through emails before exchanging phone numbers.

Virgil demanded an adult relationship from her, Jennifer claimed.

She did not disclose the explicit details, but she said it affected her emotional health.

We can see Jennifer Seberg Twitter post, where she has to explain everything regarding this issue.

As of now, Virgil Texas is ignoring this issue and has not commented on anything.

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