How Old Is Sancha Natasha Jenas? Meet Sabrina Keogh Daughter On Instagram

How Old Is Sancha Natasha Jenas? Meet Sabrina Keogh Daughter On Instagram

Jermaine Jenas and Sabrina Keogh were once in a relationship and are the parents of a daughter Sancha Natasha Jenas.

Sancha Natasha Jenas was born to parents, father Jermaine Jones, and mother Sabrina Keogh.

Sacha’s father, Jermaine, is a TV presenter and a football pundit. The football pundit once played for England and English clubs like Nottingham Forest. Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and QPR.

Jenas used to play in a Central mid-field position and appeared for a total of 342 games during his club career, scoring 39 goals playing for different teams.

In 2021, he became one of the permanent hosts of The One Show on BBC One.

Sabrina is a British personality known for being the former WAG of Jermaine.

The couple split right before their daughter’s birth. Since then, Keogh has been not featured in news or articles and has maintained a private life.

How Old Is Sancha Natasha Jenas? 

Sancha Natasha Jenas’s present age is 13 years old.

Sancha was born in 2007 to parents Jermaine Jenas and Sabrina Keogh. However, Natasha’s exact date of birth is not revealed yet.

Her parents split right after her birth. The rumour for the breakup was Jermaine being unfaithful in the relationship.

The 13-year-old is the stepdaughter of Ellie Jena, Jermaine’s wife. Similarly, she has two step-sisters and a stepbrother.

Their names are Olivia Violet Jenas, Geneva Jenas, and Jacob Anthony Jenas.

Natasha lives with her father and stepmother, Ellie. Due to a lack of information, information about her mother Sabrina is limited on the internet.

Sabrina Keogh Daughter Sancha Natasha Jenas On Instagram

Jermaine Jenas and Sabrina Keogh, daughter Sancha Natasha Jenas is only 13 years old; hence, it might be the reason for her not being on Instagram.

Due to her young age, the family might have prevented her from using social media.

Similarly, Natasha does not have any other social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, we can find her father on Instagram, under the name @jjenas.Jermaine, constantly uploads pictures with his daughter on them, and many of his followers seem to be fond of the father and daughter duo.

Her stepmother, Ellie Jenas, treats her like her own, as evident from her Insta posts. However, she is close with her father and is often seen together in various events and galas.

Nevertheless, the family seems happy and complete together.