How Old Is Samantha Libreri? Age Of ‘RTÉ Journalist’ Revealed

How Old Is Samantha Libreri? Age Of  ‘RTÉ Journalist’ Revealed

Professional journalist Samantha Libreri’s age is probably in her 30s. Here is everything about her professional and personal life detailed in the article below.

Samantha Libreri is a well-known journalist who is currently working for RTE. Well, she worked for RTE News as a television and radio correspondent.

However, Samantha has almost more than ten years of journalism experience, and also we can see her working in other news channels including Irish Times,, and many more.

In fact, she joined the team of RTE in November 2000 as a news assistant and served in the respective position tillMay 2003. In the past year, she has also worked at the University of Observer.

RTE: Samantha Libreri Age Now & Wikipedia

Despite her work in journalism who she is currently engaging in the RTE team, Samantha Libreri is not available on her own Wikipedia yet. However, we can find her on several online platforms as well.

Similarly, Samantha appears to be in her 30s based on her appearance. Although she tried to keep her personal life far away from the public eye to this date.

Also, she hasn’t disclosed her parent’s details ye to the public. We believe that her parents were the greatest supporter of her success to this date.

Thus there is little information about her early years so far. Regarding her educational background, She received her schooling at University College Dublin, where she majored in Arts, English, Sociology, and Greek and Roman Civilizations.

Furthermore, she was also editor of the most widely circulated student newspaper in Ireland. In the year 2004, she won six National Student Media Awards, including Newspaper of the Year and Editor of the Year.

Samantha Libreri Husband: Is She Italian?

As per the source, it is confirmed that Samantha Libreri is married, although the name of her husband is unknown as of now. She has previously stated that she is married and also has a child.

However, her personal life is not as well-known as her professional life. she is very conscious of her privacy and does not reveal every detail.

As per her social platforms, she is not Italian. Though she has mentioned on her social platforms that She is currently from Ireland.

Meet Samantha Libreri On Instagram

Unfortunately, Samantha Libreri is not active on Instagram at the moment. We are unable to find her Instagram account. However, the journalist is active on Twitter at the moment with the account name @SamanthaLibreri.

For more information and daily details, you can follow her on Twitter where she most frequently used to tweets time and time again about daily life news.

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