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How Old Is Ondreaz Lopez? His Famous Birthdays, Age, Height, Girlfriend
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Ondreaz Lopez is a famous personality in the world on Tik Tok. Currently, Tik Tok is the best platform for new talents to be famous. It is the best place for someone with creativity and talent. People are being famous for their own talent. The only thing they do is shoot a video and post it.

Ondreaz is also one of those talents. He got success in no time. In fact, he is in the list of famous web stars as of now. He makes a lot of interesting videos. Moreover, he is very regular in his Tik Tok account which has made his popularity grow more.

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How old is Ondreaz Lopez?

Ondreaz is 22 years old as of 2019. However, if you look at his TikTok videos, he seems a bit younger than his actual age.

He was born in the year of 1997 and he celebrates his birthday every year on April 4. Moreover, he was born with the birth sign of Aries. His birthplace is Nevada, United States.

Ondreaz Lopez on Famous Birthdays

Ondreaz Lopez has got fame in his early age. In fact, there is a profile of him on

According to the famous birthdays, he is a Tik Tok star from America. He posts dancing and lip-syncs videos in his account. Moreover, he has around 180,000 fans on Tik Tok.

Ondreaz started posting videos on his TikTok page from March in 2019. It is just about six months he is on the web. But, his fame and fan following are huge. According to famous birthdays, he is in number 14153 of the most popular celebrities.

Ondreaz has been on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the July of 2019. Moreover, he also went to Dallas, Texan in May of 2017. Ondreaz is also famous on YouTube. In there, he posts dancing compilations with his brother.

In the web, they are commonly known as the Lopez Brothers. Furthermore, the name of his brother is Tony Lopez. The Lopez Brothers have a joint Instagram account. Their content is the same in Instagram is also the same. Ondreaz has also posted a video from Avril Lavigne on his Tik Tok.

Ondreaz Lopez Age – 22 years old

As written above, Ondreaz is 22 years old as of 2019. Born in Nevada, he is a very famous personality. He has won the hearts of thousands of friends. In fact, he is in love with dancing and he dances so well. Surely, he will have a great future if he continues to follow his passion.

Height of Ondreaz

The details about the height of Ondreaz Lopez is not out on the web yet. However, by looking to his photos, we can assume that he has a decent height. He has a slim but muscular body. Moreover, he is a very handsome and charming boy.

Ondreaz’s Girlfriend

Ondreaz is a rising star in the world of the Internet. However, the personal details about him are still not out. However, being a young and talented person, he might surely be in a relationship with someone.