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How Old Is Mikey Foster? Foster Face Skin Know His Birthday, Instagram and Wiki Page
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Ariana Grande. Do you know about her? I am damn sure that you know about her. She is one of the best American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has given many beautiful songs with her insanely beautiful voice. While listening to her voice in her songs, there will be goosebumps all over my body. She is so damn good.

Most of you might be thinking why the heck is he telling about Ariana Grande while the title is Mikey Foster. Don’t worry readers, things about Ariana must be said before talking about Mikey.

The reason is Mikey Foster is rumored to be the new boyfriend of Ariana Grande. Shocked!!

Now I guess you are more interested to know about Mikey Foster. Below are his information if you want to know about him.

How Old Is Mikey Foster? Ariana Grande is 26 Years old.

The answer to this question is a myth to us also.

Mikey Foster has not revealed the details about his age. But looking at his pictures, he seems to be in his late twenties. He might not be. It’s just a guess. Don’t curse me if I am wrong.

Mikey Foster’s Face Skin

Looking at the pictures of Mikey Foster, he seems to have whitish patches in his face. Mainly around his eyes.

Moreover, he also has a tattoo at the back of his neck.

Mikey Foster Birthday – 1.83 m tall Ariana Celebrates on June 26

As mentioned earlier, Mikey Foster has not revealed any personal details about him.

So, we are very sorry to say that we don’t know about his birthday. However, because of the rumor of his relationship with Ariana Grande, he is getting lots of attention on the internet.

So, soon there will be information about his birthday and all. And we make sure that we will update you with the information.

His Instagram Account

Mikey Foster is very active in his social media site like Instagram. he is often seen posting pictures about his works. He also posts lots of pictures with his friends.

Moreover, if you want to go through his posts on Instagram, his Instagram username is a bluebird. He has a good fan following. Actually, it’s about 155k followers.

For your information, he has also posted a picture of himself with Ariana Grande on his Instagram page. That might be the reason for the rumor. Though the picture is not that clear they are seen catching each other’s hand and enjoying.

Wiki Page

Wiki page of Mikey Foster is not available. Despite not having wiki we have collected information about him.

Mikey Foster is a Social house Band member, songwriter, performer, and rapper. He is not that known in the public. But after the linkup rumors with the very popular singer Ariana Grande he is all over the media.  According to the sources, Mikey is on tour with his Social House and Ariana Grande.

Furthermore, a new song is with the title “Boyfriend” released a few days ago. And both Foster and Ariana are in the video of this song as lovers.

Previously, foster with his team Social house has released their first song “Magic in the Hamptons” in 2018.

Lastly, we don’t know whether the rumors are true or not. Whatever the case, Foster and Ariana look cute together.