How Old Is Louise Shockey Age? What Happened To Her: Her Cancer Explored

How Old Is Louise Shockey Age? What Happened To Her: Her Cancer Explored

How Old Is Louise Shockey Age? She is a former actress and wife to a professional big game outfitter, Jim Shockey. Here is what we know.

Gaining her fame after marrying Jim Shockey, Louise is a former actress.

She is from Canada, although the exact details of her upbringing are unknown.

Louise looks young, and many people want to know her age which we will reveal in this article.

Recently, there has been news that Louise has had cancer.

Let’s delve a bit deeper.

How Old Is Louise Shockey: Her Age Details

Louise’s exact age is not yet known.

However, we know that her birthday lies on the 9th of January, according to one of Jim’s Instagram posts.

There the couple seems to be enjoying superb food and each other’s loving company.

It has been found out that Jim and Louise got married somewhere in the early1980s.

Thus, we can say that Louise is somewhere around 57 – 58 years old.

What Happened To Louise Shockey: Her Cancer Explored

Several rumors and speculations have been going on about whether the former actress has cancer.

It had been speculated that Louise had had lung cancer.

The Shockeys went to the doctor to have her dry cough checked and received some bad news.

Louise Shockey is now suffering from aggressive, late-stage lung cancer.

Even with tireless efforts from doctors, her condition has not gotten better, as the test results indicate that it is inoperable, incurable, and malignant.

All our prayers go towards the Shockey family as they try to enjoy their time even amidst such a grave situation.

Louise Shockey Instagram

On Instagram, Louise goes under the username @louiseshockey_. She has 4.8 K followers and 18 posts.

All of her posts are about her family and the quality time she spends with them.

Jim and Louise’s children’s name is Branlin Shockley and Eva Shockley. More amazingly, they are twins. Eva is married to Tim Brent and has a daughter named Leni Bow Brent.

Louise’s Instagram posts are created for her beautiful daughter; she often shares her daughter and son-in-law’s pictures on her Instagram account.

Louise Shockey Husband: Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey is a Canadian outdoor writer.

He is a professional big game outfitter and television producer, and host for many hunting shows.

Jim was formerly an All-American swimmer in university, and later, he also played on the National Waterpolo team for six years.

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