How Old Is Gina Campbell? Everything To Know About Donald Campbell Daughter

Read about the interesting life of the daughter of the incredible Donald Campbell’s daughter in her old age

Georgina Campbell a.k.a Gina Campbell is the daughter of the record speed breaker from Britain, Donald Campbell.

Gina plays a vital role in preserving her father’s legacy after his death. Gina too has broken some world records.

Donald Campbell is a speed record-breaker. The British record-breaker broke eight world records. Gina and Donald have together broken about 30 world records.

Gina has worked extensively in maintaining her father’s work. Even though she had such a dramatic childhood which you can read below, she has protected her father’s legacy after all this time.

Name Gina Campbell
Birthday September 19
Age 74
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Author
Parents Donald Campbell, Daphne Harvey
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Single

How Old Is Gina Campbell?

As of March 2021, Gina Campbell’s age is 74 years old.

She was born on 19th September in 1946. This makes Gina a Virgo. She was born to Donal Campbell and Daphne Harvey.

Further, she is healthy and fit even in her mid-seventies.

Gina Campbell’s  Net Worth

Gina Campbell’s verified net worth amount is yet to be announced.

However, she appears to a comfortable and financially stable life, thanks to her book sales and her father’s fortune.

Further, Gina must also have inherited a significant portion of her father Donald Campbell’s net worth, which amounts to $1.6 million.

Facts To Know About Gina Campbell

  1. Gina Campell has yet to mention if she has a husband or not. In fact, she hasn’t even disclosed her relationship status.
  2. Even though Gina was born to Daphne Harvey, she describes her stepmother Dorothe McKegg as her mother.
  3. Further, Gina had a lonely childhood. She was sent to boarding school at the age of two. 
  4. The author did not have family stability. His father Donal married three women before he died in 1964.
  5. Gina has an autobiography of her. The book is ‘Daughter Of Bluebird’ published in 2013.
  6. Her father Donald’s boats are still preserved with help of Gina. They are kept in Lake Land Motor Museum. 
  7. Campbell said that her father was very strict, unaffectionate, and did not give her enough attention.