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How Much Does Lizzo Weigh? Lizzo Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, How Tall/Old
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How Much Does Lizzo Weigh? Lizzo Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, How Tall/Old. Lizzo’s Boyfriend, Melissa Viviane Jefferson Birthday, Married, Husband:

About Lizzo

Full Name Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson)
Age 31 years
Birthday April 27, 1988
Net Worth $ 10 Million
Salary N/A
Spouse (husband/wife/partner) N/A
Children/Kids None
Parents/Family N/A
Height / How tall 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession/Job Rapper, Singer, Entertainer
Measurements N/A
Gay/Lesbian N/A
Married/Engaged/Divorce N/A

About Lizzo’s Boyfriend, Husband, Partner – Relationships Summary

As a matter of fact, Lizzo has not yet revealed her relationship status. Moreover, there are conflicts in her sexuality as well, though she does not consider sexuality as a matter to label her.

Furthermore, Lizzo is also popular for her witty as well as flirtatious conversations with stars.

5 You Must Know Facts on Lizzo

  • Lizzo is not only unmarried, but her relationship status is not public as well.
  • Lizzo is 31 years old at the present time.
  • She has a height of 5 feet 10 inches that is 1.82 m.
  • Lizzo has a net worth of around $10 Million.
  • Lizzo has verified Twitter as well as Instagram accounts with over 1.29 Million and 7 million followers respectively. Besides these, she can also be found on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

Who is Lizzo aka Melissa Viviane Jefferson?

To begin with, Lizzo is a well-known, rapper, singer as well as a songwriter from America. She is popular for her songs like “Truth Hurts” and “Juice”. In addition to being known by her profession, Lizzo is also known for her witty comments and actions. In recent times, she has been on the news after twerking at the Lakers Game causing to reveal her backside.

However, brave and bold Lizzo has been untouched by the speculations people are making are doing everything that makes her happy. Moreover, she has also been named as The Times Entertainer of The Year 2019.

Lizzo has not revealed her boyfriend and husband name yet

Needless to say, people might be dying to know about the love life of this 31-year old rapper and singer. However, the facts on her relationship are yet to be unwrapped. Considering the fact that she is already in her 30s, it is sure that she must have lived some genuine relationships in her life.

Moreover, the questions regarding her sexuality also arise time and again. Being that she is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights, people have often talked about her sexuality. However, Lizzo thinks that sexuality should not be someone’s recognition. Thus, she has also not revealed anything about it yet.

Relationship History

Dating N/A
Engaged N/A
Married N/A
Divorce N/A

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh? Lizzo Height, Weight, Measurements

Those who have known Lizzo certainly are aware of her body type.

  • Lizzo aka Melissa Jefferson is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 84 kgs.

The body that she carries confidently is thick, yet she has no problem being comfortable in it. Moreover, her comfort in the body is something many people need to learn from her.

Height M –1.82 m

Cm –182 cm

Feet -5 feet 20 inches

Weight Kg -84 kg

Pounds -185 lbs

Body Measurements In –N/A

Cm -N/A

But, despite being a celebrity, she also has not been untouched by people’s hate regarding the body type she has. Moreover, in recent times, the dance that caused her to reveal her backside had people screaming more about how a woman with such body type is not allowed to do so many things. Nevertheless, Lizzo does not care what people have to say and goes on with her life. As a result, she is one strong thick and curvaceous woman.

How old is Lizzo aka Melissa Jefferson?

As of 2019, Lizzo is 31 years old. She was born on 27 April 1988 in Detroit, Michigan.

But, later her family moved to Houston, Texas. After her birth, she was named as Melissa Viviane Jefferson. But, then she changed her name to Lizzo and people now recognize her by that name only.

From the moment that she started to grow up, she had a wish to become a popular name. Thus, she had been on her path to popularity since her young age. She had formed a group with her friends while she was a teenager. Thus, she had been performing among people from a young age.

Age 31 years
Birthday 27 April 1988
Ethnicity/Nationality Black/American

Her professional career as a rapper and singer started in 2010. Since the time, she has given many hits and made a famous name that her family can be proud of.

Who are Melissa’s Parents and family?

As a matter of fact, the records on Melissa’s parents and family have not been unwrapped yet. Even though she has spent almost a decade in the industry, she is still private when it comes to her personal information.

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother N/A
Sister N/A
Children/Kids N/A

However, according to some sources, she has 2 siblings whose information is under the wraps.

Lizzo aka Melissa Jefferson has an estimated net worth of around $10 Million

This woman of 31 is certainly one of the richest female rappers in the United States. She has an estimated net worth of around $10 Million, which she has added to her fortune through some great songs.

2016 Net Worth Unknown
2017 Net Worth Unknown
2018 Net Worth Unknown
2019 Net Worth $10 Million
2020 Net Worth Under Review