How Did Asia Leeshawn Ferguson? Everything To Know About Her Death

How Did Asia Leeshawn Ferguson? Everything To Know About Her Death

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson is the guy who was hit and killed by a roller coaster at Georgia Six Flags amusement park. Let’s find out more about him.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson is the guy who died in the park in June 2008.

Similarly, a life celebration ceremony of Asia Leeshawn Ferguson will be held on Saturday at Oakey Spring Baptist Church. 

The unfortunate event happened when Asia hopped over two fences and hiked into a restricted area and got hit.

Nonetheless, the video has been taken out from the web, yet different recordings are still covering the news headlines.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson: Age

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was born on 26 Apr 1991 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA.

Similarly, the incident has taken his life on 28 Jun 2008 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA.

Moreover, Asia was still extremely young at the age of 17, when he left the planet.

Likewise, he is buried in Oakey Spring Baptist Church Cemetery at Springfield, Orangeburg County.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Family

Asia Leeshawn was born to his parents Dewayne and Letha J. Ferguson. 

Likewise, his family also includes his brothers, Jacolby Ferguson and Matthew Corbett. Further, he also lived along with his paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, and maternal great-grandmother.

Looking at all his family members, he seems to have a big family, who lost him at such a young age.

Moreover, he was also adored by his loving uncles, aunts, cousins, classmates, church family, other relatives, and friends.

How Did Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Die?

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson died in June 2008, after being by the Batman thrill ride at the Six Flags Over Georgia.

Moreover, he was there with his family and with his churchgoers, as recognized by the police.

Likewise, it should be an exciting day for Asia. Unfortunately, the accident, one way or another, transformed into misfortune.

As seen in the video, Asia made a jump to a restricted area. But the reason why he jumped is still a mystery. 

Furthermore, the incident was declared as an accident after the police investigation.

However, some people assumed that he jumped to get his hat that was blown by the wind.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Instagram

Asia doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account.

While Instagram was introduced in 2010 and she passed away before that (2008).