Henry Story Driver

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Henry Story Driver
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Henry Story Driver is a family member. He is mostly known as the son of actress Minnie Driver.

Full Name Henry Story Driver
Birthday 2008
Age 11 Years Old
Height N/A
Net Worth N/A
Spouse (husband/wife/partner) N/A
Children/Kids N/A
Parents Minnie Driver And Timothy J. Lea
Salary N/A
Nationality American- British
Ethnicity N/A
Profession/Job N/A

Henry is the son of producer Timothy J. Lea.

10 Facts on Henry Story Driver

  1. Henry Story Driver is the son of American actress Minnie Driver.
  2. Born in 2008, Henry’s age is 11 years old. However, his exact birthday is not revealed.
  3. Henry is a cute little boy with a decent height. Details about his height and weight are not known. Moreover, he is still in his development phase.
  4. Henry’s net worth is not known. However, according to celebritynetworth.com, Henry’s mother has an estimated approximate net worth of around $20 million.
  5. Henry is just 11 years old as of now. He is still a child to have a relationship. However, with his good looks, he seems to have already won the heart of many. Maybe we can see him dating after a few years.
  6. Henry himself is a child. So it is not quite possible for him to have children at this age.
  7. Talking about Henry’s parents, he was born to actress Minnie driver in 2008. However, his father’s name was hidden for a few years after his birth. Henry’s father’s name is Timothy J. Lea.
  8. Henry’s mother is an actress. In addition to this, she is also a former model. Minnie started her career from modeling. Later she entered the entertainment industry. Minnie is a single mother. Henry’s parents are not married.
  9. Talking about Henry’s father, Timothy is a co-producer. He graduated in acting major. Timothy is known for his work in CSI: NY and also in The Riches.
  10. Henry is not active in social media.