Who Is Hebe Bartlett? Everything To Know About The Actress From Back To Life Comedy Series

Who Is Hebe Bartlett? Everything To Know About The Actress From Back To Life Comedy Series

Hebe Bartlett is cast of Back To Life. Hebe is a new face in television, hence, people are curious to know more about the young actress. In this article, we try to provide some details related to the actress.

Hebe Bartlette is a British actress who is a new face in the acting industry.

Hebe is the new addition to the cast of Back To Life in the latest season 2. She can be seen playing the role of Cery in the show.

Back to life is a British dark comedy-drama that airs on BBC One in Britain and Showtime in America.

Hebe Bartlett Age Revealed

Hebe Bartlett’s age is not available on the internet. Therefore, the exact date of birth has not come to light.

However, judging from her pictures, the actress seems to be a teenager. So, she seems to be between 15-20 years old.

In 2021, Bartlett was added as a new addition to the cast of Back to life in Season 2.

Hebe Bartlett Wikipedia Details

Hebe Bartlett is not featured on Wikipedia.

Being new in the acting industry might be the reason, she isn’t featured in Wiki.

We can find her short bio in IMDb.  The young actress has appeared in Home from Home (2020) which is a short movie.

Similarly, it seems she has a new project under her belt as well name Beat It. The young actress projects are all comedy genres.

As per her Instagram, she is also a circus performer and a ballet dancer.

Education-wise, she attends Bedales School which is situated in Steep, Hampshire, England.

Hebe Bartlett Boyfriend And Instagram

Any news regarding Hebe Barlett’s boyfriend is not available. Looking through her Instagram does not provide any proof of her boyfriend.

Likewise, there isn’t any information on her dating history as well.

Hebe is active on Instagram by the name @hebebartlett. She has 884 followers with 135 posts to date.

On her Instagram, we can find pictures related to her career as an actress, dancer, and theatre.

Similarly. we can find pictures of her with her friends while traveling to different places.