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Greg Creed Net Worth, Family, Wife, Age, Height Weight, Salary
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It is hard not to love KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. And, all thanks to Yum! Brands for it. After all, it is the one who operates our loved food brands.

And, now, the news of Yum!’s CEO has been hitting the internet. Greg Creed who has been with Yum! for over two decades is finally retiring.

Creed began working as the CEO from January 2015 up until recently. He will be replaced by David Gibbs starting from the 1st of January, 2020.  Before this, he was the CEO of Taco Bell.

In this way, he has had a successful career in his field. And, he is most famous as an influential business leader.

Greg Creed Net Worth

Greg Creed stands as one of the most successful business leaders. Hence, it is obvious that he may have accumulated quite an amount of net worth.

He has been with Yum! for 25 years now. And, he has acquired 30 years of experience in packaged goods and restaurant brands as well.

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In the same way, during his time, he was able to bring remarkable growth and success to Yum!. Therefore, his net worth is bound to be a great sum.

According to, Greg has an estimated net worth of at least $23.8 million dollars. Moreover, he owns over 11 thousand units of Yum! Brands’ stocks worth over $2 million.

Greg Creed Family

Now, let us delve into this millionaire’s personal details. Talking about his family, Greg Creed has been happily married to his wife.

Her name is Carolyn Creed. And, they have been together for almost 40 years now. Likewise, the couple normally lives a private life.

In addition, the couple has two kids. They have a son and a daughter who are all grown up. both of them are in their thirties or so.

Greg Creed Wife

As you guys already know, Carolyn Creed is the wife of Greg Creed. And, they have been together for many years now.

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There is not much information as to what Carolyn does. After all, she keeps her life away from the public.

Greg Creed’s Age: 61 Years

Greg Creed is an elderly guy. It is because he was born circa 1958. So, that makes him around 61 years of age as of 2019.

Greg is Possibly 5 feet 6 inches tall in Height

As of now, the height of Greg Creed is unknown. As a result, there is a lack of info on this topic.

But, judging from his photos, he may be around 5 feet and 6 inches. However, we are not certain about the fact.

Greg: Weight

Likewise, when it comes to his weight, he looks a little overweight. But, there is a lack of info about his weight as of now.

How much is Greg Creed’s Salary in 2019?

Greg Creed is an influential personality who has driven the growth of American fast-food, Fortune 500 corporation. Hence, his salary must be a substantial amount.

According to, Creed earns a salary of $12 million as Chief Executive Officer of Yum!.

And, although, he is retiring from Yum!, he need not worry about his finance because he has a net worth of millions.