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Born in America and after her fame as an actress rose in the media from the American field, Grace Park has been one of the hottest and sensuously creative actresses of the American movie industry. Her gorgeous facial structures with equally dazzling physique and her mesmerizing presence on the screen have made her one of the best looking actress of the Hollywood. She garnered popularity from being featured in the famous movie franchise of Battlestar Galactica as Sharon Valerii also called Boomer and Sharon Agathon also called Athena. She apart from being a part of the movie business also has been in the television industry while she bass herself Canada. She appeared in Edgemont as Shannon Ng. she has been associated with several if the television networks in Canada and in the United States of America and has been an acclaimed television personality as well as commendable actress with super talented presence and character enactment.


She step foot in the world in March 14 of 1974 in Los Angeles of California of the United States of America. She holds a dual nationality of Canada and America. She then migrated to Canada with her parents while she was just 22 months old and got resided in Vancouver. She attended Magee Secondary School for her high school graduation and then completed her graduation from University of British Columbia majoring in psychology. After the completion of her studies she promptly joined on to the media house that her attractive appearance approached her to be favored by the industry of glamour. She had the interest in the field of media from her early age and that led her to start over the dream career that share initiated from her early age. When she reached the age of 25 she got casted as a student attending high school for the television soap called Edgemont, which was broadcasted from the Canadian television network. Her start of the career had a graceful affect from the network and she got approached to play a character in the series called Battlestar  Galactica, her fame as the cast of the series took over to be continuously part of the series.


She has been part of several of the movies and series of the television that included Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, where she portrayed Lt. Sandra and in the year 2008 she enacted the roles of co-stars in The Cleaner for thye network A&E and The Border for the CBC. She had been appearing in cameo roles and small enactments in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Eventually growing up as an conventional actress with the talent to progress she also kept participating in conventions based on the science fiction movie Star Trek as a fan. Her fame was most popular for her enactment in the series of Battlestar Galactica and its remakes.  She continuously kept appearing in the series as she was well appreciated and the fan loved her performance in the miniseries. Thisw led hjer to be featured in the televised form of the movie based in the series called Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. She also had appearance in Human Target, where she enacted the character of Eva Kahn, which was broadcasted from fox and appeared as Kono Kalakaua in Hawaii Five-0 I the year 2010 for the CBS network.


She has been part of movies like Romeo Must Die as an Asian Dancer, Fluffy as Amy, West 32nd as Lila Lee and Run Rabbit Run as Hannah Moon from the year 2000 until 2008. Her television appearances included The Outer Limits as Virtual Avatar, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction as Maddie, Secret Agent Man as Louann, The Immortal as Mikiko, The Outer Limits as Satchko, Dead Last as Bartender, and Dark Angel as Female Breeding X5, Stargate SG-1 as Lt. Satterfield, Edgemont as Shannon Ng, L. A. Law: The movie as Charmaigne, Jinnah: On Crime – White Knight, Black Widow as Cynthia Wong and the series of Batllestar Galactica franchise. Her other appearances I  the television includes in Jake 2.0, Human Cargo, Andromeda, The Dead Zone, Command & Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars, the Cleaner, The Border, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Human Targert, American Dad! And Hawaii Five-0. She has been acclaimed in Hot 100 List of Maxim online polls.


The hot and sensuous diva Grace Park with commendable height and fascinating measurements and a renowned actress of the movies is married to Phil Kim. She is happily settled in Vancouver with her husband and is not in any verger of getting divorced. She looks gorgeous in every outfits, either it be bikini or flaunting formal attire. She can be followed in Twitter and more about her biography be found in wiki.