Who Is Giulio Sassoli? David Sassoli Figli and Famiglia As The European Parliament Member Passed Away

Who Is Giulio Sassoli? David Sassoli Figli and Famiglia As The European Parliament Member Passed Away

Giulio Sassoli is the son of the European Parliament member, David Sassoliwho recently reported to have left the world.

Giulio Sassoli is the son of the respected Italian Journalist and Politician, David Sassoli, whose demise has left his well-wishers and loved ones in grief.

David served as President of the European Parliament from July 3, 2019, to his last breath in January 2022. The 65-year-old was reportedly hospitalized on December 26.

The Sassoli family is in deep grief after the unexpected demise of the former TV journalist, and the news has taken the whole internet by fire. The queue of people curious about the cause of his death is increasing.

David also frequently shared his thoughts and other information on Twitter to keep his followers updated. His Twitter handle goes by the name David Sassoli.

Is Giulio Sassoli on Wikipedia? The late politician’s son has been frequently searched on the internet after his father left the world.

Giulio does not seem to be part of an authentic page of Wikipedia, but dozens of other news portals are writing down about him. He is not much talked about if it was not for his father’s demise.

He is not a very known face; therefore, very little or no information about him is available on any social sites; however, he is mentioned on his father’s Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia has currently updated the page and marked his father as dead.

What is Giulo Sassoli Age?

Giulio Sassoli’s age is currently discussed on the internet, though no clue has been discovered yet.

Giulio is an unseen character in the life story of David as his detailed information is yet to be updated on the internet. We are unsure of his age and birth date at the moment.

The David-Sassoli-Son might have been influenced by his father and is ambitious in his life, or it might be the other way around. Anyway, we believe that he is a young man meant to accomplish things in life.

So, we can conclude that Giulio is young and following in his father’s footsteps.

Parents: Who Are Giulio Sassoli Father And Mother? Know His Family

Giulio Sassoli is one of the two children of his father, David Sassoli, and his Mother, Alessandra Vittorini. He was alongside his sister, Livia Sassoli when raised.

His father was three times elected member of parliament in Italy in 2009, 2014, and 2019 respectively. In 2009 he had left behind his journalist career to enter politics.

David was a huge supporter of his hometown football team, ACF Fiorentina, and was actively involved in Articolo 21, Liberi Di…, an Italian association founded on February 27, 2001.

He always believed in democracy and promoted freedom of expression. Further details about his mother and sister are still under inspection.

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