GirlzLuhDev Age Birthday: How Old Is He?

GirlzLuhDev Age Birthday: How Old Is He?

GirlzLuhDev is an 18-year-old American rapper who is popular among music lovers. Here we bring more about his age, real name, and net worth.

GirlzLuhDev is a new rapper getting into the limelight at a very young age. Also, He got the attention of music lovers from online music platforms.

Furthermore, the music videos are uploaded on Spotify and other music streaming sites under his name GirlzLuhDev.

Consequently, he successfully won the hearts of his fan with his songs and raps available on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Similarly, his charts show that he has good songs and rap rankings.  

GirlzLuhDev Age & Birthday

The age of GirlzLuhDev is 18 years old as of 2021. 

However, information regarding his exact date of birth is not available anywhere on the web at the moment.

Similarly, he was born in Inglewood, California, which makes his nationality American.

GirlzLuhDev has African American roots as his parents have an African origin. Hence his ethnicity is that of African-American heritage.

On a sad note, he lost his father as he was shot and killed at a liquor store while he was still in his mother’s womb.

Further, he and his mother have been living in Inland Empire since 7th grade.

What is his real name & height?

The real name of GirlzLuhDev is David Brown, and his stage name is the short form for “Girls Love Dev.”

Regarding his looks, he is young and handsome with an attractive height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Similarly, his latest interviews by the music magazines indicate that GirlzLuhDev will be a big name in the music industry soon. 

GirlzLuhDev: Instagram & Girlfriend

GirlzLuhDev has an active Instagram account that goes by the user @girlzluhdev with above 47k followers.

Though the user does not have many posts that indicate his songs, videos, and releases.

Besides, GirlzLuhDev hasn’t revealed his girlfriend yet. There is a possibility that he is dating someone secretly, or it could be that he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

GirlzLuhDev Net Worth

GirlzLuhDev is a new rapper whose estimated worth is $232.3k, as per Popnable. 

His popularity started with the song “Tooka,” which got more than millions of views. Also, his recent release is in 2021 – “Mario Chalmers” and “Day 1 starters” are liked by the fans.

He is currently famous in local areas for his song skills. Maybe due to this, his net worth is not very huge.

He will indeed sign to a music brand which will boost his popularity and net worth.