Gilbert Urbina: Everything To Know About The Ultimate Fighter 29 Cast

Gilbert Urbina: Everything To Know About The Ultimate Fighter 29 Cast

The Ultimate Fighter 29 cast Gilbert Urbina has gain popularity at the age of 25. Let’s get to more about Gilbert in detail. 

 American middle-weighted fighter Gilbert Urbina is one of The Ultimate Fighter 29 cast. 

At the age of 25, Gilbert is very good among the fighter as he got six wins and one loss.

 Moreover, Gilbert is ranked 186th position out of 958 active US Pro welterweights.

Gilbert is also ranked in 12th position out of 46 active Texas pro welterweights.

However, Urbina failed to attain in competition in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since The Ultimate Fighter has come back with its 29th season, it is an opportunity for Urbina to come forward and win the battle.

Gilbert Urbina Age And Height- How Old Is He?

Gilbert Urbina’s age is 25 years old.

He celebrates his birthday on the 5th of April every year. 

He was born in 1996 in Weslaco, Texas.

Gilbert Urbina’s height is 5ft and 9 in. He weighs around 169lbs.

Gilbert has maintained his weights accordingly to the game. 

Gilbert Urbina Girlfriend- Is He Dating?

Gilbert Urbina seems to not have a girlfriend.

However, he was dating Vanessa before this. His recent relationship affairs are not still unknown. 

What Is Gilbert Urbina Net Worth?

Gilbert Urbina’s net worth is yet to be confirmed. However, we can assume that his net worth ranges from $0.1 million – $0.2 million.

However, the actual net worth of Gilbert is still unknown.

Moreover, one of the fighters from The Ultimate Fighter Sean’s net worth was around $0.2 million.

So, Gilbert is also supposed to have a salary around a similar ratio.

Gilbert Urbina On Instagram

Gilbert Urbina is available on Instagram as @gurbinamma. Moreover, he is also on Twitter as Gilbert Urbina. 

He seems to be active on social media platforms.

He recently posts pictures related to his matches and also with his homies.

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