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Spencer Treat Clark is a 28-year-old American actor from New York who is famed for his acting roles in several Hollywood blockbusters among them; Gladiators and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Let’s get to know about this amazing actor.

Spencer Clark

Quick facts about Spencer Clark

Full Name: Spencer Treat Clark

Born:  24th September 1987

Age: Turning 30 years

Birth Place: New York, USA

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Actor

Movies/TV Shows: Gladiators, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Years Active: 1995-Present

Net Worth: Unknown

Siblings: Eliza Clark


1. Spencer Clark has a college degree

Not so many successful actors and actresses have pursued their academics while at the same time chase their dreams of acting with passion, drive, and commitment. Spencer Clark though is a rare breed of showbiz personalities. Before venturing full-time into acting, he went through school and qualified to join Columbia University where he majored in Political Science and Economics. He graduated with honors and later on decided to change his career ambitions and gear them towards the camera, lights and action way of life in which so far he’s been successful. Kudos to the guy.

2. Spencer Clark is single and not dating

Spencer Clark has managed for all the time that he has been in the Hollywood scene to keep his private affairs private but what is known is that he is not married to anyone and is single. No rumors exist of his dating life but he has clearly stated that even though he is single, his sexual orientation should not be put into doubt as he is straight. He claims that he will settle down when the time’s right, let’s just wait and see!


3. Spencer Clark is quite tall

Spencer Treat Clark has one very striking feature on him which is his height; this hunk stands at an amazing height of 6’0”. His height has been a major factor in him landing many of his acting roles most recent being a role of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and also in the Animal Kingdom. Many female fans have also confessed to falling for this actor because of his height.


4. Spencer Clark is brother to Eliza Clark

Spencer is lucky to have an elder sister whom he says was the main resin why he got into the acting scene. His sister Eliza Clark with whom they were raised together in Connecticut, is an acclaimed screenwriter and also a rising playwright and director.

5. Spencer Clark is a singer

Spencer Clark is sure a guy of many abilities, apart from just acting and playing his roles proficiently, he once envisioned a singing career. While in high school, Spencer Clark was a member of the acapella group called ‘Oriocos’ with whom he used to perform many functions while in high school and college. It’s no surprise that the guy has an amazing voice. But at the end, it was acting that would win his heart over.

6. Spencer Clark used a personal journal on set

While on set for the movie Gladiators in 2002, when the director introduced a scene where Spencer was supposed to maintain a journal, Spencer Clark took it a notch higher by bringing his own personal journal on set and thus makes the role even more inherent to him. He played the role perfectly.

7. Spencer Clark likes traveling

When not on set for a new blockbuster that will keep us glued to our TV sets, Spencer likes to take time off in the outdoors by traveling to new places for adventure. He also is a fan of photography, nature photography to be precise.