Geneva London Age And Wikipedia : Everything To Know About The British Musician

Geneva London Age And Wikipedia : Everything To Know About The British Musician

Say hello to Geneva London, a young drummer of just 11 years in age with 30k+ followers. Read the full article to know about this young kid.

Geneva London is a British drummer who has been impressing everyone with her insane drumming skills at such a young age.

Geneva started posting videos before she could even understand what YouTube really is. Thanks to her parents, Geneva already has had her career path fixed on drumming.

Name Geneva London
Birthday 10 December 2009
Age 11
Gender Female
Height 4 Feet 6 Inches
Nationality British
Profession Musician
Parents EuGene Jordan, Keysha Jordan
Education Home School
Instagram @iamgenevalondon
Twitter @iamgenevalondon
Youtube @genevalondon
Facebook @iamgenevalondon

What Is Geneva London’s Actual Age?

Geneva London just turned 11 years of age four months ago.

Many people do not believe her age because of her skills, but it is the truth.

Geneva was born on 10 December 2009. She was born and raised in Britain. Make sure to send warm birthday wishes to this lovely kid.

Geneva London Wikipedia And Height

Geneva London, the British drummer, started drumming since she was seven years of age.

However, Her height is only 4 feet and 6 inches as she is just a kid.

She first got her drum kit as her birthday gift when she was seven years old. Her parents wanted to try something new and different for their kids. This is why they started making YouTube videos for Geneva.

We can see each aspect of Geneva’s childhood and how she was raised on her YouTube channel.

Their parents have documented everything like singing the alphabet song, making animal noises, telling time, counting, and reading. 

Once Geneva was able to read, their parents started a new series of videos where Geneva told kid stories and videos of her learning to write.

A couple of years later, they started to make in-depth videos like the importance of dad, setting goals, role models, etc. It is crazy that a child can think about such vast topics.

After Geneva got her first drum kit, her parents documented Geneva practicing, her father teaching Geneva to play the drums. Soon, she started making drum covers which is when her YouTube channel exploded.

Geneva has also been featured in The Steve Harvey Show with her father. As of now, Geneva is endorsed by AnF Drum Company and Sabian Cymbals. She is even a brand ambassador for BBC Bring the Noise.

Geneva London Family 

Geneva’s lucky parents are Eugene Jordan and Keysha Jordan. Her father Eugene is also a drummer and a musician.

Geneva’s parents are both homeschooling their kids. They wanted to take a different approach to Geneva’s education. Their future plan for Geneva’s education is not fixed yet.

Geneva London Instagram

Currently, Geneva’s social media channels and website are all managed by her parents.

You can reach Geneva on her Instagram at @iamgenevalondon. She also has her own website Geneva London.