Who Is Lizzie Acker? Everything To Know About The Cast Of The Great British Bake Of Season 12

Who Is Lizzie Acker? Everything To Know About The Cast Of The Great British Bake Of Season 12

Lizzie Acker is a cast of the latest season of the British reality television series the Great Britain Bake Off. Here are some more details related to her age and others.

Lizzie Acker is participating in the 12th season of this fantastic British television baking competition.

The Great Britain Bake Off has been receiving a good response from the viewers every time it premiers. 

Lizzie is competing with 11 other strong contestants for the title, and she has a stern determination about taking the trophy with her.

Who Is GBBO Lizzie Acker? Age And Wiki Details

Lizzie Acker’s age is 28 years; she is a cake enthusiast from Liverpool, according to the Wiki details of the show.

Her exact date of birth is not available publicly as she cannot be found on Wikipedia of her own.

As per our Findings, she was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and grew up watching this famous show.

Furthermore, she loves cake and baking it so much that she even has a tattoo on her inner lips, which asks for cake.

About Lizzie Ackers Job

Lizzie Acker is currently working as a car production operative in a global motor vehicle manufacturer.

She works in the painting department of the automobile giant Jaguar Land Rover.

Apart from that, she loves to spend her leisure time baking cakes for her loved ones, and everybody cherishes her art.

Likewise, she is also a fan of Samba and usually grooves on this Brazilian dance more often.

It looks like that her passion for baking gets fulfilled by the paycheck she monthly receives from her work.

Does Lizzie Acker Have Boyfriend?

Lizzie Acker has been discreet about her partner, and we are yet to confirm the presence of her boyfriend.

We do not know what exact relationship status is she currently at, but she indeed keeps giving hints about her love life through her Instagram.

Besides, she seems to be a very fun-loving person and spends time with her friends through partying, vacationing, and many more.

She also has a cute little dog called prudence who lives with her, and she cares about it as a part of her family.

Lizzie Acker Parents And Instagram

Lizzie Acker has not revealed many details about her parents as she has posted few pictures of her parents on her Instagram account.

Her parents seem to be around 50-55 years old looking at their pictures, and they do not seem to have a significant age gap between each other.

We can follow her on Instagram under the handle @lizzieacker_, where she generally posts about her baking interests and family time.

Likewise, her father can be seen on various of her Instagram posts, from where we can understand that she is close to her father.

Also, she has a little sister Emily Acker with whom she has a great bond, and her sister happens to be a tattoo artist.