How Old Is Gavin Fuller? Every Details To Follow

How Old Is Gavin Fuller? Every Details To Follow

What is the age of former mastermind champion Gavin Fuller? To know more about Gavin Fuller, read below.

Gavin Fuller is the British former mastermind champion as well as head of the telegraph library. Gavin is now 52 years old.

 He was 24 years old when he won the tag of the youngest mastermind champion in 1993.

Then Gavin was head of the telegraph library.

Jonathan Gibson is now the youngest mastermind who broke the record by 90 days younger than Gavin (1993) in 2021.

Now, Gavin Fuller is the former mastermind champion. Mastermind champion is a British television game show for BBC.  

Gavin Fuller Age- How Old Is He?

Gavin Fuller’s age is estimated to be 52 years old.

Gavin Fuller was 24 years old when he won the title of the youngest mastermind champion.

He was the first-ever youngest person to win that title in 1993. 

Is Gavin Fuller On Wikipedia?

Gavin Fuller doesn’t have his page on Wikipedia. But his name is mentioned by the websites.

Gavin is included in every web page when it comes to mastermind champion. He was the first youngest mastermind champion in 1993.

Gavin Fuller is also the head of the telegraph library. He is responsible for the maintenance of the article in the Telegraph newspaper.

He is also the editor of the Telegraph book of Reader’s Letters from the Great War, etc. Recently he has published How to win mastermind

What Is Gavin Fuller Net Worth?

Gavin Fuller’s net worth is yet to be confirmed.

The information related to his income and salary is not mentioned on the web.

Moreover, he has not disclosed his property on social media platforms.

However, his primary source of income seems to be from editing the article in the Telegraph.

As Gavin Fuller is the head of Telegraph library, that seems to be his primary source of income.

Gavin Fuller Wife And Family

Gavin Fuller’s wife and family details are not mentioned on websites.

Moreover, Gavin himself has not got social media account. 

He might have kept his personal life in secrecy.

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