Who Is Priti Patel Son Freddie Sawyer? Everything To Know

Who Is Priti Patel Son Freddie Sawyer? Everything To Know

British politician Priti Patel’s son, Freddie Sawyer’s age, is 12 years as of May 2021. To know more about him, keep reading the article.

Freddie Sawyer is the son of the British politician Priti Patel and a marketing consultant at the American Financial Firm Nasdaq NLX, Alex Sawyer.

Being the son of someone who has been Home Secretary since 2019 has certainly made him famous.

Freddie appears to be a huge cricket fan, along with her mother.

He doesn’t seem to stand out a lot as not much has been reported on him.

Freddie Sawyer Age And Parents

Freddie Sawyer’s age is 12 years old as of May 2021.

He was born in August 2008.

He is born to his parents Priti Patel And Alex Sawyer.

According to the Sun, the couple met while working in Political Relation (PR).

Alex also ran his wife’s office when she was an international development secretary, which led her to be slammed for paying him tens of thousands of pounds to do so.

The couple has quite a history as Priti used her staffing allowance to pay Alex up to 25 thousand pounds a year to work part-time from February 2014 until June 2017.

Finally, Patel’s actions led the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to ban politicians from taking on “connected” parties as staff.

Freddie Sawyer Wiki And Instagram

Freddie Sawyer is yet to be officially featured on Wikipedia despite being the son of a high profiled politician.

He has ties to India and Uganda as her mother’s grandparents were born in Gujrat, India, before emigrating to Uganda.

Freddie doesn’t seem to be active on the social media platform Instagram, as we couldn’t find an official account with his alias.

Although he doesn’t seem to be on Instagram, he is occasionally featured on his mother’s Instagram posts. 

Freddie Sawyer Family

Freddie Sawyer’s family has his grandparents from his mother’s side who emigrated to the United Kingdom. 

Information on the family members from his father’s side is unknown as of now.