Photos: Francis Bourgeois Model – Age Real Name & Past Explored: Is He Fake?

Photos: Francis Bourgeois Model – Age Real Name & Past Explored: Is He Fake?

What is the real name of Francis Bourgeois, better known to most as TikTok’s train-spotting sensation? Let’s get to learn more details regarding the TikTok sensation.

Francis Bourgeois, also known as the “Train Guy,” is a model and the man behind the train-obsessed TikTok account.

Francis searches the country for the most iconic locomotives in the UK and films TikTok videos for his fans and following.

He also teaches others about amazing train information through his video. Trainspotting has been a longtime passion for him.

Because of his enormous popularity, the trainspotter’s videos have included interviews with morning TV shows.

He even did a TikTok video with Thierry Henry, the famed retired player, in which he gave him a railway whistle.

Francis Bourgeois Real Name & Age 

In the past, people used to think Francis was a troll who didn’t genuinely enjoy trains. Francis Bourgeois is his real name, and he is 27 years old.

He was born in Harlesden, North West London, and relocated to Frome, Somerset, at seven.

Bourgeois is presently based in Nottingham, a student at the University of Nottingham studying Engineering.

Francis Bourgeois Past Explored

Francis Bourgeois’s parents used to take him on road trips to Willesden Junction, one of the busiest stations in the city.

Francis has shared a brief glimpse into his life in response to rumors that he is trolling people or that his love for trains isn’t genuine.

Like many others, he struggled to fit in. Fearing ridicule, he sold his trains and tried to hide his obsession.

Is Francis Bourgeois Fake?

Francis Bourgeois has made plenty of fake videos talking with celebrities.

An episode of severe boredom prompted the debut of rising social media sensation into TikTok.

His Instagram account took off after he put together false videos on Instagram Live talking to British drill rapper Digga D and pop artist Billie Eilish.

Another of Bourgeois’ fake Insta Lives involved British rapper Swartz, who was less than thrilled.

Before the latter’s supporters filled Swarmz’s video with comments, he reposted it on his account, calling Bourgeois a “weirdo.”

@francis.bourgeois Here I am at Blenheim Palace trying to do 100 tones in the locomotive, Winston, through the tunnel! #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

Francis Bourgeois Train Videos

Francis Bourgeois has amassed a sizable following on the internet, thanks to his enthusiastic train videos content.

He is a self-proclaimed train enthusiast who uses TikTok to promote his enthusiasm for trains.

As a train approaches, Francis is generally spotted on a railway bridge with a GoPro affixed to his head, screaming in delight.

He then claimed that the train that approached him in the video did so in real-time while he was recording the audio explaining his background.

As per the source, the British TikToker has offered several train-spotting tactics.

Furthermore, Bourgeois does a variety of intriguing things in his videos, which many people enjoy.