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Find Leanne Ford Wikipedia Information with Husband and Net Worth Now
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Leanne Ford is a divorcee and is currently married to the entrepreneur Erik Allen Ford. 

Leanne Ford is a TV star personality and an interior designer by profession. she has designed remarkable buildings and rooms. She stars in reality show Restored by the Fords that airs on HGTV.

Leanne Ford Wikipedia and husband Information – An American

Leanne Ford was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1981, June 29. The details of her parents are missing. However, she has got a sibling whose name is Steve.

They seem to have strong brother-sister bond and Steve is seen frequently helping out her in the show Restored by the Fords. In the show, Leanne renovates the houses and turns an old outdated house to new house.

She is married to an American entrepreneur who has got his own line of a clothing store in California. The name of her husband is Erik Allen Ford. The name of Erik clothing line is Buck Mason which is a well-known brand in California.

She was previously married to a guy named Brad Schaffer in 2010, July 3. But later after a couple of years due to misunderstandings and problems they separated.

Leanne Ford Net Worth Now – $1 Million Dollars

Leanne Ford has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars.

She is a talented designer of interior and has done designing for many renowned company and celebrities.  She has done numerous projects in her life.

Her work is published in big magazines as content. She has been featured in world famous magazines and also she is interviewed by many well-known media and magazines.

In addition, the show she has been working i.e. Restored by the Fords might also have been a helping source in her earnings. In the show, she is seen renovating and restoring old houses and making it a brand new house with latest designs.

She has got her own official website In this site of hers, she has included about the site, the projects she has done and contact information.

Leanne Ford Kids –  1 Baby Daughter

Leanne Ford has recently given birth to a lovely daughter and named her “Ever”.

The baby daughter was born on March 18, 2019. The parents Leanne Ford and Erik Allen Ford are really overwhelmed and happy to welcome a new member in their life.

The family currently resides happily in Los Angeles, California.

Leanne Ford Age – 37 Years Old

Leanne Ford is 37 years old as of now.

Leanne Ford Instagram Account – 33.2K Followers

Leanne Ford has followers of 32.2K in her Instagram account.

She seems really into her work and her account has got images of rooms and designs of room.

Also, her hobbies include traveling, reading the book and decorating the house. She has also got a couple of pictures of books and pictures of places that she travels with her husband, Erik.

The recent post of hers in her Instagram account is an image of her daughter which she posted on April 23, 2019.

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She’s bringin’ back the #fauxhawk.

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