Femi Nylander Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Screenwriter

Femi Nylander Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Screenwriter

Femi Nylander has not been featured on the Wikipedia site. Let us learn more about him in detail.

Femi Nylander is an actor and screenwriter.

He has worked in the film industry and has been a well-known actor for a long time and has contributed to the sector for a long time, offering his best appearances.

His one-and-a-half-hour screenwriting documentary African Apocalypse (2020) brings him to the center of attention.

The documentary follows a young man on an epic journey across Africa searching for a colonial killer, and it has already earned a 7.2 rating on IMDb.

Moreover, he is also the presenter at BBC presenting role in BBC/ BFI historical Docudrama production.

Femi Nylander Wikipedia And Instagram

Despite his success and contributions to the film industry, Femi Nylander is not mentioned on Wikipedia.

However, he has a mini-bio on IMDb that describes his documented roles in movies like McDonald & Dodds (2020), Fever (2019), and African Apocalypse (2020).

Moreover, he has done short and comedy-dramas, and he enjoys writing movie scripts.

He has always put effort into his writing, thinking of fresh ideas in addition to trite moments and parts.

We can find him on Instagram under the handle @feminylander.

Similarly, he can also be found on Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

Femi Nylander Age- How Old Is He?

Femi Nylander seems to fall under the age group of 20-25 years old.

It’s just an estimation based on his photos and career path.

His verified age and date of birth remain confidential for now.

Femi Nylander Wife And Parents

Femi Nylander has never spoken publicly about his wife yet.

He has kept a low profile when it comes to the topic of his personal and private life.

For the time being, we don’t have accurate information an unsure about his marital status.

Femi was born to Nigerian parents but, he has not talked much about them in detail.

If he is ever confronted about the topic of his wife and parents, we’ll let you inform.

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