Who Is Ezra Dewey? Everything About “The Djinn” Child Actor

Who Is Ezra Dewey? Everything About “The Djinn” Child Actor

Ezra Dewey has started his career at a young age and is often considered a rising teen actor. Let’s get to know more about Ezra.

Ezra Dewey is an American teen actor and model based in Los Angeles.

He has been acting since he was a child, becoming well-known for his role in the famous television series Criminal Minds.

Furthermore, the series has 15 seasons that run from 2005 to 2020 and has an IMDb rating of 8, making it ideal for binge-watching during the holidays.

People are looking forward to Ezra’s role as a lead actor in the upcoming horror thriller The Djinn (2021).

The story changes dramatically when the plot revolves around a mute boy who is stuck in his apartment with a dark creature. 

Fans have huge expectations from this movie, and it could be the turning point in Ezra’s career.

Ezra Dewey Age And Height

Ezra Dewey’s age is reported to be 15 years old.

He was born on September 17, 2005, in the United States.

Regarding his physical appearances, Ezra’s verified height and weight are not disclosed yet.

However, he seems to have a moderate height of 5 feet 4 inches and a weight of around 48 kg.

Ezra Dewey Wikipedia

Ezra Dewey has not been featured on the Wikipedia site yet.

But, he has a profile on IMDb, discussing his known appearances in the movies and T.V. series.

Prior to taking a step in cinema, he also worked in commercial shows and other minor promotion videos.

However, from 2017 to 2021, he has been rapidly gaining in popularity and has reached the peak of his child actor career.

Ezra Dewey Family

In terms of his family, Ezra Dewey was born by mother Aurora Dewey and father Matthew D Dewey in the U.S., as per Celebweek.

Ezra’s parents seem to be supportive of his child’s career and allow him to do the majority of things on his own.

Is Ezra Dewey On Instagram?

We can find Ezra Dewey on Instagram under the handle @ezradewey.

While exploring his Instagram posts, he seems to be fond of bowling, boxing, skateboarding, and various outdoor games.

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