Everything To Know About Chair Of The Federal Reserve Jerome Powell Daughter Susie Powell

Everything To Know About Chair Of The Federal Reserve Jerome Powell Daughter Susie Powell

US Politician Jerome Powell’s daughter Susie Powell is quite a mysterious figure. Keep reading to find out Susie’s age and more facts about her.

Susie Powell is the hidden daughter of Jerome Powell. The word “hidden” is used to describe her nature of being away from the limelight. 

Due to her secretive nature, her father has not talked about Susie in much detail.

Name Susie Powell
Age 20-25
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Photographer
Parents Jerome Powell, Elissa Leonard
Married/Single Under Review
Instagram @suspowell

Susie Powell Age And Height

Susie Powell’s age appears to fall under the range of 20-25 years old. 

Her exact age is not mentioned on any of the platforms as she is not a media personality.

Similarly, Susie’s height might be around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Her height is also measured as the height of an average American.

Susie Powell Family

Susie Powell’s family is very much connected with politics and state governments.

Susie’s father Jerome Powell is a senior political personality. He is from the republican party of the previous president Donald Jr. Trump.

Likewise, her mother Elissa Leonard is a filmmaker. Elissa is a film director and executive producer as well. 

Susie’s maternal grandfather graduated from Harvard and served in the second world war. 

Jerome and Elissa got married on September 14, 1985. 

Powell has two siblings. They are Sam Powell And Lucy Powell. Susie is the youngest of all.

Susie Powell Instagram And Social Media

Susie Powell does have an Instagram account with not many followers. She has 548 followers and she is following 849 peoples. 

Her Instagram account goes by the name @suspowell. The account is kept private by her. 

Her Instagram account is linked with the Instagram account of views of Sydney.

This shows that she has pretty much interested in photoshoots. She is a photographer and loves to shoots pictures.

She doesn’t have any other social media accounts or she has hidden her details.