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The hot and gorgeous television personality, Evelyn Taft is a well-known name in the field of meteorology. She has been credited with the stardom of onscreen presentation from her skillful representation of the weather changes and phenomena. It is the reporting of the severe weather occurrences that aware the ass about the natural circumstances and by delivering the breakthrough analysis; she has proven her standout talent for the field of journalism. Her popularity fr4o the small screen rose when she landed as a editor for the news portals relating with meteorology from KCLA-TV based in Los Angeles. The hot and divinely captivating persona with splendid height, brilliant interpretation of broadcasting has been a key factor of her successful career.


She felt the first verse of existence in August 24 of 1984 in Bay area of San Francisco of the United States of America. She was born to immigrant family who migrated from Moscow and has a Jewish ethnicity. She was not fluent in English in her early age as she only knew how to speak Russian. Her early interest in the nature and its phenomenal changes made her attracted to constant viewing of the weather forecasting channel and it was the best experience for her to be verbally literate in English communication. Within the process, she also gained the spirit of relating with the broadcasting scenario and developed a deep connection with journalism and reporting of weather events. In her childhood, she had the opportunity to travel t several parts of the world including London, France and Israel to name the few and had her chances to know about the cultural differences as well as the weather situation throughout the world. She did her graduation in High Schooling from Menlo School of Atherton, Californian based college and completed her graduation from Annenberg School of Journalism affiliated to University of Southern California. After studying Journalism as her key graduating subject, she moved to let her knowledge grow by in taking meteorology as a base since she had most enthusiasm in and garnered a prospective contrast to the field by relating with the Annenberg’s forecasting provision of news casting. She has the degree in Journalism Broadcasting and Political science.


Having a multitalented background in educative references an also being blessed by divine beauty, she got her early career start in the tender age of fourteen, being an employee in Midpenisula Community Media Centre based in the Californian Bay area and had her experience rise with extra ordinary introspection. She had the accessibility of Production and cable channel access to the community level and had she professionally improvised in a very short period. It did not take her long to establish herself as a chief host by broadcasting her own show based in travel and entertainment. It was a easy job for her as she had been grown up travelling around several parts of the world and getting the knowledge of the several cultural and traditional experiences. She prospered as a host in her age of sixteen, which was commendably influencing and captivating.


After the formulation of her studies, she in 2006, she got approached b KCOY-TV with affiliation to CBS network based in Santa Maria of the Californian coast. She was responsible to broadcast as a weathercaster for the network and apart from it did reporting and anchoring. Her acclaimed and accolade preferences as a news anchor for covering the Santa Barbara fire hazard accorded her with fame and appreciation. She even got involved in the show called Military Minute and had the opportunity to show the world with the harsh reality of war trivia of Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam War and The War in Iraq. Her outrageously mesmerizing reporting won her acclaims and honors for the reporting and she was awarded with Army National Guild Award. Being linked as a reporter, she even took time to base her weather forecasting for KION-TV based in Salinas of the California and affiliated with the famed CBS network. She served as a weather analyst and a weather forecaster for KCOY until 2008. She got her formal certification as a meteorologist from Mississippi State University in 2010. She has been in the onscreen presentation of the weather casting for KRON-TV in San Francisco, has also been in association with KCLA9 of CBS2, and is still in link with the same network. With being affiliated with several networks, she has been getting a handsome salary and a commendable net worth.


The hot diva Evelyn Taft has not been married yet however, she has been linked with her long time boyfriend and is said to be engaged. She loves to spend time with her family and her later to be husband. More about her bio can be found in wiki.