Ernest Khalimov Car Accident Details: Is The GigaChad Meme Guy Dead?

Ernest Khalimov Car Accident Details: Is The GigaChad Meme Guy Dead?

Ernest Khalimov a.k.a the Giga Chad Meme Guy lost his life in a car accident on April 26. Here are more details about the incident.

Ernest Khalimov was a professional bodybuilder from Azerbaijan.

Further, he was also known by the nickname “Giga Chad”, which was given to him for his memes. 

He was the guy behind the Giga Chad meme, which made him famous all over the internet. 

Ernest Khalimov Car Accident Details

Ernest Khalimov suffered a car accident on April 26, 2021.

Unfortunately, the Russian bodybuilder couldn’t survive the accident and is no more with us.

The detail about the accident flooded the internet on the same day and no one was sure if it was real or a hoax.

All the fans of Ernest were left in shock about the sudden incident. The internet is now flooded with sympathy for Ernest, his family, and friends. 

Ernest Khalimov “Giga Chad Wikipedia

Ernest Khalimov was a rising star in the modeling industry. He became famous when one of his memes hit the internet. 

The Giga Chad meme made him a star overnight. Due to that, he was in greater demand and ruled the industry. 

Further, he also enjoyed the memes. Ernest once even on his Instagram he was aware of the memes about him but wasn’t offended and took it all as internet humor.

Ernest’s exact age was not revealed but he seemed to be between 20-30 years old.

His birthday was on July 27th. He is a muscular guy who is 6 feet and 8 inches tall. 

Ernest was dating at the moment and was committed to Krista Sudmalis, his girlfriend. They were dating for over a long period of time, which can be seen in Instagram posts.