Erin Montgomery Age And Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Journalist

Erin Montgomery Age And Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Journalist

Since a young age, Erin Montgomery has been writing stories describing women and the beauty of love. Read the entire article to know about the journalist.

Erin Montgomery, an American content writer, and marketer who also works as a freelance journalist.

Erin has been writing stories, reports, and tales since 2011. She is also an entrepreneur. She founded Flourish Magazine. As a single mother, she founded the organization to help mothers.

Name Erin Montgomery
Age 30-40
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Journalist
Children Peyton, Noah, and Lincoln
Education Simon Fraser University, Sheridan College

Erin Montgomery’s Age And Wikipedia

Erin Montgomery’s age is about 30-40, judging by her looks and her career span.

Erin’s exact birth details are still not disclosed to the public. Erin was born and raised in Canada. Erin graduated from her high school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School in 2004.

Erin graduated with Journalism from Sheridan College in 2006. She worked in Boston Pizza until 2009. After completing college, she worked as a writer for Tyra Banks Fashion & Beauty.

Erin worked as a manager in The Ten Spot Inc. for about a year. She has also worked in the marketing field. Likewise, she worked as a marketing coordinator in a health company in Ontario and InnoCare. She did digital marketing in PS Media House.

She founded her company Piper Media in 2015, which unfortunately didn’t last for more than two years. She is a certified Book Editor and has an Editing certificate. She recently received her certification from Simon Fraser University. 

Erin Montgomery is not active on any social media platforms. You can look at her LinkedIn profile at Erin Montgomery.

Erin Montgomery Net Worth

Erin Montgomery’s net worth has not been revealed to the public. 

But it seems that she is leading quite a fruitful life given her more than fifteen years of experience.

Erin Montgomery Husband

Erin Montgomery does not have a husband. But she has three children.

Erin is a single mother to Peyton, Noah, and Lincoln. However, any information about Erin’s past dating life and husband has not been shared with the public.

Erin likes to treat herself to basketball games and dance competitions.