Who Is McKayla Maroney Mother Erin Maroney?

Who Is McKayla Maroney Mother Erin Maroney?

Erin Maroney is the mother of the former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney. Let us learn more about gymnast mother Erin.

Erin Maroney is the mother of McKayla Maroney.

McKayla is a former gymnast who has given her performance in the Olympics. 

Also, she was the 2012 Olympic gold medalist. She has also won a silver medal in Gymnast.

Besides gymnast McKayla also like music and is a huge fan of music.

Name Erin Maroney
Age 40-50
Gender Female
Nationality Americian
Husband Mike Maroney
Children 3

Who Is McKayla Maroney Mother Erin Maroney?

McKayla Maroney has not revealed much information about her mother Erin Maroney.

Erin Maroney is not a media personality. She is only the mother of an Olympic gymnast. 

Talking about Erin’s job, there is no information available as of now. She has not revealed her personal life in public. 

Erin was in highlights a few years back during her daughter’s legal case of sexual assault. 

McKayla Maroney revealed that she and her colleague were molested when they were in the training. 

The detail about the incident is mentioned on bleach report.

How Old Is Erin Maroney?

Erin Maroney’s age is not mentioned on any of the online platforms. 

However, her age could be guessed as 40-50 years old. As McKayla was born to her mother in 1995. 

According to one of the tweets by MaKayla, her mother celebrated her birthday on December 18.

Apart from McKayla, Erin has other two children named Tarynn Maroney and Kav Maroney.

The detail about the death of Mike Maroney is mention on the website of pop culture.

Who Is Erin Maroney Married To?

Erin Maroney was married to her husband Mike Maroney. 

But, unfortunately, Mike passed away in January 2019. Mike was 59 when he died. 

McKayla revealed that her father passed away due to his addiction to painkillers. 

Erin Maroney Wikipedia

Erin Maroney doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of her own like her daughter.

Erin is not a media personality, so she is lacking a Wikipedia page. 

Her name just mentioned by the side of her daughter.