Who Is Ensaf Haidar? Everything To Know About Saudi Born Canadian Politician

Who Is Ensaf Haidar? Everything To Know About Saudi Born Canadian Politician

Ensaf Haidar is a Saudi-born Canadian human rights activist who is currently associated with a political party called Bloc Quebecois. Here are some more details about her.

Ensaf Haidar is running as a candidate representing Sherbrooke for the upcoming federal election of Canada.

She has also been actively raising her voice and campaigning to free her husband.

Who Is Ensaf Haidar Husband?

Ensaf Haidar got married to a Saudi-born writer, dissident, and activist, Raif Badawi, in 2002.

Raif Badawi met his wife, Ensaf, accidentally when Badawi misdialed Haidar.

They are parents to Najwa bint Raif Badawi, Doudi Tirad bin Raif Badawi, and Miriyam bint Raif Badawi.

Moreover, her husband was falsely sentenced to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes in 2014 for speaking against Islam.

Likewise, Ensaf has denied the allegations of apostasy and said that her husband is a good Muslim and promoted a live and let live philosophy.

Ensaf Haidar Age And Nationality 

Although the exact date of birth of Ensaf Haidar is not available, she is believed to be 45-46 years old bearing a Saudi nationality.

She was born in 1975 in Jizan, Saudi Arabia, as per her Wikipedia bio.

After an arrest warrant was issued against her husband, she fled with her children to Egypt and lived there for a while.

But later, she and her children took refuge in Canada after her life was threatened in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, she lives in Canada, fighting against her husband’s human rights and running for the candidate in an election. 

Ensaf Haidar On Wikipedia

Ensaf Haidar can be found on Wikipedia, having her won page featuring her bio in it.

Similarly, she has been actively involved as the President of the Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom.

Her foundation actively campaigns for the freedom of speech and human rights awareness in the Arab World.

Besides, for running as a candidate for Sherbrooke, she first won the nomination for the Eastern Townships riding.

This is her second time participating in the federal election as she was once already defeated in the 2019 elections.

Ensaf Haidar’s Net Worth: How Much She Has?

There are no exact details related to Ensaf Haidar’s net worth available on the internet, and it is believed to be under review.

She has dedicated chiefly her life to human rights advocacy and freedom of oppressed Arabian people from around the globe.

Up to now, there are no concrete sources related to her involvement in any money-generating profession.

Furthermore, we can get updated about her through her Instagram handle @ensaf_haider, where she actively posts about her husband’s freedom.

Apart from Instagram, she can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter under the handles of Ensaf Haidar – Perso and @miss9afi, respectively.