Elz Carrad Wikipedia Bio: Is The NZ Actor Trans? Everything To Know

Elz Carrad Wikipedia Bio: Is The NZ Actor Trans? Everything To Know

Elz Carrad’s Wikipedia bio is not yet published. But, here are some crucial details about the suspected trans actor.

Elz Carrad is an actor who earlier worked as a backup singer. He was not brought up with a silver spoon and had to find his way to achieve his dreams.

Elz came into the limelight after his famous show Rurangi aired. It has premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival. 

Elz Carrad Wikipedia: Is He A Transgender?

Despite his widespread fame, Elz Carrad is still not featured on Wikipedia. But, he might soon get his page as he is becoming popular day by day. 

About the question of his gender, Elz is a proud transgender. 

He has changed his gender but he never talked about it in public. However, Elz has maintained that he is open to talking about his transition if anyone is interested to know. 

He earlier was a backup singer and used to perform at the local festivals and concerts. 

As of now, Carrad is gaining fame over the show Rurangi, which talks about transgender activists. 

How Old Is Elz Carrad: Age?

Elz Carrad’s current age is 29 years old. 

As his actual date of birth is not revealed, he was born in the year 1992. 

He is a tall man with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and boasts beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. 

Who Is Elz Carrad Partner? 

Elz Carrad’s partner name is Dana Andrew. 

Dana is a woman who is elder than Elz. Dana is now 37 years old and she also has three kids.

Further, Dana is a therapist by profession but has not revealed much about her work. 

Elz loves her children like his. They both meet through an Instagram post. They luckily got tagged in the same post through a mutual friend. 

The couple lives in Auckland with their kids. 

What Is Elz Carrad Net Worth? 

Elz’s net worth is not yet revealed by any of the trusted websites. 

Yet, we can say that Elz is now one of the stars in the New Zealand film industry.

Elz through his acting has achieved a lot and must also have accumulated a decent amount of net worth. 

Yet there is no exact number revealed by any source, so it is hard to say anything about Elz Net Worth. 

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