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A very talented and interesting entrepreneur and web developer entrepreneur, investor, engineer and inventor of America is Elon Musk. He was born on 28th June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. His father Errol Musk was South African and his mother Maya Hadean was Canadian. He has completed his schooling from Pretoria Boys high School. While he was at the age of 12 he went to study computer programming. After that he invents a computer code and sold it at $500 for a video game program. After completing his schooling he went to Canada in 1988 there he got his Canadian citizenship. After that he joined South African Military so that he can move to USA easily. There he went to Queen’s University to complete his high schooling. After 2 years 1992 he was moved to Wharton school to complete his under graduation. There he earns his under graduation degree in Business and another in physics from University of Pennsylvania. After completing his under graduation he went to Stanford University in California to complete his Ph.D. Degree. But he didn’t complete it.

After joining the university for 2 days he left the University he began to start his career as web designer. He first started with his software company named Zip 2 which helps people in searching city location from internet. It was local known as city guide in internet. This site was mainly focused in newspaper industry. After this his site was linked with the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. After he was gaining profit from the site a company called Compaq agreed him to merge their company. This company overtakes the Zip2 with $307 million cash and $34million stock of it in market.

After that in 1999 he invested his some of amount to new online company called He became co founder of the company. This company works as email payment and online financial service giving company. After a year it was also merging with another biggest company. He went to invest in another company which was working for online payment person to person. In this company also he became co founder. His company was named as Pay After a successful earning it was also bought by another largest company called EBay. This company bought it with $1.5billion in stock in 2002. By selling his company he got $22 million of profit. From sell of this company he gains profit of 11.7% of its share.

After that he went to work for another invention. In 2002 he again established a new company named Space X. it was space exploration Technologies Company. He became CEO and COT of his company. This company makes space vehicles like rocket with their advance technology. After the establishments of his company his first vehicles which was lunch in space was falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rocket.  After a year his company was give $1.6 billion from NASA fro successful lunch of his first spacecraft named Dragon.

After that she founded many company in his country like Tesla Motor, Solar city, hyper loop and Philanthropy. He became trustee for many foundations. He promoted many renewable technologies for the country.  

 As talking about his personal life he has got married with his university friend Justine Musk on 2000. But due to some misunderstanding between them took their relation in divorce. In 2008 they got divorce with each other because they don’t love each other any more. He has got 2 children with his first wife. They are twin. After some years of divorce he again got married with an actress Talulah Riley on 2010. He has got three children with her. She gave triplet children in year 2011. After 2 years married life on 2012 they also got divorce with each other. Now is living in Los angles with his five children.

He now reaches at age of 47 years but also look very hot and sexy. He has got good height of 6’ 6”. He brown eyes and Dark Brown hair look very pretty on him. He is enjoying he personal life and professional life very much. He has got very good dressing sense. He dress up himself very stylish way. He looks very sexy in his every outfit but we find his shirtless photo in any sites related to him.

He is very interested working for more than 100 hours in his company Teals motor company. He loves to work in his Space X company and other company also. He has lot of investment amd invention for his country. For this kind of great invention and investment his country has rewarded him with various awards and honorary. He was ranked 100’s top most wonderful and affected person in Time Magazine and many more international and national awards.      

His fan and followers can find his more information in any social networks like Twitter and Face book. His biography can be obtained from Wikipedia, Wiki and other sites related to him. He is very much popular among her fans and viewers. In internet his fans search her images and information in different sites.