How Old Is Elizabeth Brockovich Today? Everything To Know About Erin Brockovich Daughter

How Old Is Elizabeth Brockovich Today? Everything To Know About Erin Brockovich Daughter

Daughter of the famous Erin Brockovich, Elizabeth Brockovich is now all grown up to the age of 30 years.

Elizabeth Brockovich is the daughter of the popular American legal clerk, Erin Brockovich.

The environmental activist Erin’s only daughter from her ex-husband Steven Brockovich, Elizabeth is now a mature woman, wife, and mom.

The mother-daughter duo has recently come to highlight after they were featured on The Real Rebel: The Erin Brockovich Story, aired on ABC on 10 June 2021.

Elizabeth Brockovich Age

Elizabeth Brockovich’s current age is 30 years old.

As portrayed in the movie based on Erin’s real-life titled Erin Brockovich, the baby Julia Roberts holds all the time in her arms is Elizabeth.

The then-little baby is now a wife to her husband Sean Gonzalez, who is a construction foreman.

The couple has two daughters named Molly and Grace, and a son called Clay.

Erin Brockovich is now a grandmom to Elizabeth’s children and is 60 years old.

Keeping side by side the pictures of both the mom and daughter, a lot of observers think that they both look pretty similar.

Elizabeth Brockovich Net Worth

Elizabeth’s net worth is not known to us.

It seems to us that she is living a quality life with her husband and children.

Her mother Erin had won a bonus of U.S. $2.5 million after the settlement of the case of Hinkley groundwater contamination.

Elizabeth Brockovich On Instagram

Elizabeth hasn’t yet made an account on Instagram.

However, we can find her mother Erin on Instagram where she goes by the username @the_real_erin_brockovich with 38.7k followers and 612 posts.

In her posts, Erin also shares pictures from moments with her grandchildren.

Though Elizabeth doesn’t have an Insta account, we can find her quite active on her Facebook account.

One can reach her on Facebook by searching the username @brettelizabeth.rosa. She shares a lot of pictures of herself, her husband, and her children.

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