Elahe Hicks Wikipedia: Everything To Know

Elahe Hicks Wikipedia: Everything To Know

Elahe Hicks has not been featured on the Wikipedia site yet. Let us learn more about the lawyer in detail.

Elahe Hicks is a Human Right Lawyer for a long time.

Further, she primarily researches in unstable regions where there is no recognition and has plenty of dominance.

Similarly, she has a remarkable career in international human rights. Moreover, Human Rights Watch and the UN and has been a great supporter of her.

Elahe Hicks Wikipedia And Education

Elahe Hicks is not on Wikipedia, despite her numerous efforts as a human rights lawyer.

However, we can find some details about her in numerous news items where her work is published.

Further, her articles allow her to be aware of the situation in the various locations.

According to the information available, she graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Science from Tehran University in 1982.

Moreover, as per her prediction based on her studies, the current administration would not bring any significant reforms.

Elahe Hicks Age And Bio 

According to the information available, Elahe Hicks seems to be 40-45 years old.

However, her verified age and date of birth remain confidential for now.

Similarly, talking about Elahe Hicks, her available biography has rarely mentioned any specific details about her.

Hence, for the time being, all we know is that her principal purpose is to provide proper justice to people as per human rights.

Further, she is willing to be more unbiased to outperform those who are misbehaving.

Elahe Hicks Family

Elahe Hicks certainly has a family who is away from the spotlight of her achievements.

Meanwhile, she has been successful in keeping a low profile regarding the topic of her personal and private life.

Nonetheless, she has not spoken publicly about her family in any of her interviews and conferences. Hence, we do not have any specific details regarding her family members and her married life.