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Egovert  Real Name, Age, Net Worth,  Height, Parents, Family, Wiki, Bio
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It has only been a few years, Egovert released his first singles. Ever since then, he has been out there to make sure he keeps doing what he loves.

For those of you who have heard of his raps, you know just how good he is. And, recently, he has released new songs featuring KIL such as Hey! and Magic.

These songs have become hit. In this way, Egovert is in a process to make a place for himself in the rap scene.

And, right now, he just proved he got what it takes to be a hip-hop artist. Moreover, he is also about to deliver a most-anticipated song with Travis Barker. He informed about this big news on his Instagram.

Egovert Real Name

Egovert really does not sound like a real name. That is because it is his rap or stage name. But, he seems hesitant to let his real name be known to people.

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He told that the person he was before has died. And, so did his real name. He finds that his current rap name defines his present self.

According to him, Egovert is a combination of Alter Ego and Introvert. And, that is his name he finds most fit for who he is.

Egovert Age: 19 years old

You may know that Egovert is young. But, do you know just how much young he is? Well, you are about to know.

Egovert was born on the 5th of June in the year 2000. So, as of yet, he is 19 years old. The young rapper is still in his teenage years.

In the same way, his zodiac sign is Zodiac.

Egovert Net Worth

He is an emerging hip-hop artist. And, he has only been a few years he has been in the hip-hop scene. So, his net worth is still under review.

Egovert’s Height

He seems to have an average height. According to Answer, he has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches approximately.

But, come on, does it even matter to know his height? He is a sick rapper and all that should matter are his songs.


Egovert has never mentioned about his parents whatsoever. So, there is no info about them until now.

Maybe, his parents do not enjoy the unwanted publicity.

Egovert is quite a private person as he has not even disclosed his real name. So, it is stupid to think that he would give out any info on his family.

Hence, there are no known details about his family. But, we hope, we soon find out about them.

Egovert Wiki/Bio

Egovert is an emerging hip-hop artist. And, he seems determined about his work at only 19 years of age.

He has said he was not born in the US. But, he lives in Northern Virginia at present. In the same way, he claims that his biggest inspiration is Kanye West.

He has garnered new fans within a few years in the hip-hop scene. So, you can imagine how good he will be in the near future.

He is only 19 years of age. And, he is from Northern Virginia.