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Ed Miliband, born on 24th December 1969 at St Pancras, London is a British Labor Party politician. He was appointed the Member of Parliament since 2005 and worked in the Cabinet for three years from 2007 to 2010. He was born to Marion Kozak and her husband Ralph Miliband. His parents had him along with his brother David Miliband. He was raised Jewish but he admits that he is not religious. He is believed to have attended a comprehensive school and he played violin during his High School. He completed his graduation from Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Prior to becoming a politician, Miliband has had experience with few other fields. He was a journalist during his early age. Apart from that, he has worked as a researcher, adviser and cabinet member.

As a politician, they ought to have a certain charismatic personality. And the very talented Ed is best known for his intriguing voice, commanding confidence and intelligence. He is unarguably a good looking leader of today’s time. He stands tall at five feet and eleven inches. It’s no doubt that he’s got a great height. His genuine personality and his striking views won him the Leader of the Labor Party in 2010.

The forty three year old Miliband finally tied the knot in 2011 with his long term girlfriend Justine Thornton in 2011. His wife is a Cambridge educated Barrister. The couples dated for years before settling down. The newly weds already have two children together; Daniel Thornton and Samuel Stewart Thornton. Besides being a family man, he is actively involved with his political activities.

Every politician has differing stances on issues concerning economics, foreign affairs, same sex marriages and many others. Everyone endorses their own beliefs. And he is among those leaders who support gay marriage.

Ed Miliband is on social networking sites. He updates his recent happenings in his tweets. His twitter name is Ed_Miliband. He’s got decent followers on his accounts. The readers can easily follow him there. A lot of twitter users demonstrate their reactions to his speech on their twitter accounts. He’s popular on these sites.