Is Ean Higgins Dead? Death Cause And Obituary - MH370 Investigator Age Wiki

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Recently, many web media have reported that journalist Ean Higgins is dead. If this is real, what was the cause of death?

Ean Higgins is an award-winning Australian journalist.

He is the investigator into MH370, which was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished on March 8, 2014.

Mr. Shah was in command of the plane that night, and he has been questioned for the past five years over allegations that he deliberately crashed MH370.

Higgins, a journalist, has written a new book in an attempt to figure out what went wrong.

Mr. Shah is named in the document titled "The Hunt for MH370," which was published on February 26, 2019.

During an interview, Mr. Higgins revealed how he believes the scenario may have gone down.

Is Ean Higgins still alive? Cause of Death and Obituary

Many web outlets have recently reported on the death of Ean Higgins.

However, no confirmed information about his death has been released.

Likewise, there has been no clarification from his family.

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In that scenario, it wouldn't be proper to conclude anything until we had proper evidence.

MH370 Investigator Ean Higgins' Age And Wiki

Based on his appearance, Ean Higgins' age is estimated to be around 70 years old. 

He was born to his Australian mother and Canadian father and was raised in Texas and Quebec before relocating to Australia.

Over four decades, he has worked for Australia's three main newspapers as a reporter, section editor, chief of staff, and foreign correspondent.

He began his career as a trainee at the Australian Financial Review, where he later became the paper's first New Zealand correspondent.

Ean's responsibilities at the Enquirer included foreign information editor, and he has worked in Sydney as an editor, European correspondent, and bureau supervisor.

He has returned, masking as The Australian, in recent years, concentrating on crime, corruption, politics, aviation, and their interactions.

The journalist graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA in International Relations and an MA from the Australian National University.

Higgin tried to fly as a young guy in Quebec, learning to fly as a student on snowboards in a Cessna 150 during the winter.

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Furthermore, for his protection of the bushfires, he got the JFK Award for Best Online News Coverage, as well as the Quebec Independent Press Award for his opinion post on language coverage in the French daily Le Devoir.

Ean Higgins Wife & Children 

The personality of Ean Higgins' wife has yet to be unveiled.

Likewise, the whereabouts of his children and other members of his family remain unknown.

Disclosing Ean Higgins Net Worth 

Ean Higgins has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

He must have made a sizable sum of money throughout his long career as a journalist.

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