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Drew Canole Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend Relationship, Gay, Wiki
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These days most people have grown more conscious about their health which is obviously a good thing. As cliche as it may sound but health is wealth.

And, the sooner you work on making your diet healthy and plant-based, the better your life will turn out. I think anyone can do that much for their own good.

Likewise, we have to give credit to the health guides who work so passionately to make us realize this simple fact. And, one of such successful health guides is Drew Canole.

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Well, it might not be fair to call Drew just a health guide. After all, he wears too many hats for one guy. However, he has been able to achieve success in most of his endeavors.

Drew Canole Age: 30 years old

Maybe because Drew is so fit and healthy, people might guess his age wrong. Hence, talking about his age, he is 30 years of age.

So, he may have been born in the year 1989. However, he looks quite young for his age.

So, you see how the results of working on your health just show. Therefore, you better start taking care of your body. I mean, really, that’s all you got.

Drew Canole Height: 6 Feet

If you have seen in his photos on Instagram, you know that this guy has a pretty good height. So, to be more specific, Drew stands at a height of 6 feet.

This guy has almost everything. Great body, good height, healthy lifestyle, and work he loves doing.

Drew Canole Net Worth

Canole has achieved success by following his passion, In the same way, that is not just it. He has even accumulated a huge net worth.

When it comes to his work, he is much more than just a health guide. As a matter of fact, he is an author and founder of Organifi as well.

Moreover, he is a media personality too. And, he has a followers count of 121 thousand on his Instagram alone.

According to Answer, Drew Canole has the estimated net worth of $2 million dollars as of this year. In this way, he has been able to earn a good amount as well.

Drew Canole Girlfriend, Wife – Rebecca Boatman

Well, talking about his romantic side of life, Drew Canole may have had relationships in the past. And, maybe, he has had many girlfriends.

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But, now, this guy is taken.

Drew Canole is married to Rebecca Boatman. And, she is a love coach. Hence, this love coach has found her love.

This couple got married this year in the month of April.

Is Drew Gay?

Well, Drew is most definitely not a gay. I mean why would anybody even think that when he is married to a beautiful wife.

And, even if he were gay, nothing wrong with that.

Drew Canole’s Wiki

Drew is an inspiring health guide and media personality as well. But, there is more to him. He is a founder and CEO of Organifi

According to Answer, he was born in Lake City, Michigan. And, in the same way, Drew is 30 years of age.

Likewise, he shared that his parents and friends encouraged him to pursue a career in the health and fitness world.